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Here are all of the High Stakes challenges and rewards for Fortnite’s Getaway LTM

Go play The Getaway LTM to earn exclusive rewards.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players have just received a new set of High Stakes Challenges to unlock free rewards from The Getaway Limited Time Mode.

Any Fortnite player will be able to play The Getaway matches for the next five days to unlock exclusive cosmetic items if they complete certain challenges in this game mode. These challenges require players to do specific actions in The Getaway, such as getting a jewel, using the Grappler, and winning matches.

Here are all of the challenges and rewards for The Getaway LTM that are already available in Fortnite. Challenges in bold are eligible to use Party Assist in.

Complete The Getaway Challenges (2)Crowbar Pickaxe
Win a match of The GetawayCrystal Llama Back Bling
Win matches of The Getaway (3)Crystal Llama (Ruby) Back Bling
Win matches of The Getaway (5)Crystal Llama (Diamond) Back Bling
Use a Grappler in different matches of The Getaway (5)The Getaway Loading Screen
Deal damage to Jewel-carrying opponents (200)Suited Up Spray
Pick up a jewel in different matches of The Getaway (3)Cash Flow Contrail

All of these challenges should be completed naturally when playing The Getaway matches. They all involve key parts of winning and competing in a match of this Limited Time Mode.

Jewels are inside of special safes that players have to go after in the beginning of a match. Once they are holding one, other players can see the position of their jewel on the map and go after them to eliminate them and steal their jewel. To win a match, players have to carry a jewel to their floating van.

There are plenty of Grapplers in The Getaway, so completing that challenge should be easy. Once you see a jewel moving on your map, go after it and deal damage to the opponent who’s holding it. If you turn on Party Assist, you’ll complete this challenge in no time.

Other than that, playing to complete these challenges is the same as playing to win. Create a good strategy with your squad to get a jewel, bring it back to your van, and get that special Victory Royale with more rewards.