Can Koffing be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

Would the colors of the poison gases change too?

Image via Niantic

Not every Pokémon has to be strong to be someone’s favorite, and Shiny hunters don’t care about stats most of the time anyway. This is perfect for Koffing since it doesn’t have many uses in the Go Battle League but is still widely available in Pokémon Go

Koffing is a common encounter in most cities and has been featured in Pokémon Go since the game launched in July 2016. 

For Shiny hunters or fans of the Poison-type, Koffing is one of the many Pokémon to have its Shiny variant available to encounter in Pokémon Go. This means lucky players could find themselves running into a teal-shaded Koffing instead of the classic purple coloration. 

Unfortunately, for players hoping to Shiny hunt Koffing during its Feb. 15 Spotlight Hour, which will run from 6pm to 7pm CT, Niantic has not boosted Shiny encounter odds. This means you’ll be running full-odds to try and find a Shiny Koffing during the event. 

If you want to have the best chance at running into a Shiny Koffing, make sure to grab a few Incense to use during the Spotlight Hour so you can increase the number of Koffing spawning during the event. Even with normal odds, the more Koffing you encounter, the better chance you’ll have of potentially finding a Shiny.