All Pokémon Go Spotlight Hours (April 2021)

Every Pokémon and bonus that will be featured in the weekly events.

Image via Niantic

Every month, Pokémon Go has a set of special events called Spotlight Hours that run every Tuesday from 6 to 7pm local time.

These are much smaller events that work as mini-Community Days and showcase one specific species of Pokémon each week by boosting its spawn rates. They also include special boosts that give useful bonuses like double capture XP or Candy during the event period. 

There can be anywhere from four to five Spotlight Hours per month depending on how many Tuesdays are on the calendar month and how Niantic wants to roll things out. 

Typically, Spotlight Hours will reflect ongoing events and work as add-ons by giving players a chance to capture multiple Pokémon of a similar nature, such as Johto Pokémon spawning near or during a Johto event. 

For April, there are four Spotlight Hour events, starting with Buneary on April 6 to tie into the Spring into Spring event that is running at the same time. But if you want to keep up with all of the smaller events, here is every Spotlight Hour and what bonus they will have for the month. 

  • April 6: Buneary
    • Double transfer Candy
  • April 13: Mankey
    • Double evolution XP
  • April 20: Grimer
    • Double capture Stardust
  • April 27: Finneon
    • Double capture XP