How to get the Finger Snap gesture in Elden Ring

Impress friends and randoms alike with this crispy gesture.

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Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring‘s Finger Snap gesture is relatively easy to obtain. It requires no combat and can be done very early in the game.

To get it, players must first travel to the Mistwood Ruins in Limgrave at night. The Mistwood Ruins are, appropriately enough, in the Mistwood forest on the eastern coast of Limgrave. The Ruins are almost due south of the Mistwood Outskirts site of grace. That site of grace is just off the highway north of the forest. Another waypoint that might be helpful is the Minor Erdtree on the eastern coast. The ruins are southwest of it. Look for large, crumbling stone ramparts.

Once the ruins are located, head there at night. There should be an eerie howling sound coming from the ruins. Players who look up at the ruins will be able to see a howling wolf-man, the NPC Blaidd.

If there’s no howling noise, it may be necessary to clear a bear or two in the area or explore the basement of the ruins to trigger it. Once the howling has started, head to the Church of Elleh site of grace. The merchant Kalé will mention that, while spooky, Blaidd is actually a friend.

Kalé can then teach players the Finger Snap gesture, which functions as a signal that brings Blaidd down from his perch atop the ruins for a chat with the Tarnished. Outside its use in Blaidd’s questline, the Finger Snap gesture is a stylish way to congratulate other phantoms on a well-deserved victory over a boss, or to humiliate a dead opponent after a duel.