When will MTG Kaldheim be released digitally and for tabletop?

Play online or purchase booster packs for tabletop gameplay.

Kaldheim MTG Feature Poster
Image via WotC

A 285-card Magic: The Gathering Standard-legal Viking-themed set, Kaldheim, will soon introduce two new mechanics while containing a number of cards designed to slot into the Commander format. 

With a heavy metal and Norse-inspired theme, Kaldheim (KHM) spoilers have revealed several tribal themes for the Standard format while also containing a “Legendary creatures matter” theme that carries over to other Magic formats like Commander. The new set will contain the return of mechanics like Modal Double-Faced cards and Changeling. It will also feature two new mechanics: Foretell and Boast

KHM digital release

Packed with tribal-themes like Gods, Angels, Elves, and Dwarves, KHM has a digital release scheduled to take place on Jan. 28 via MTG Arena and Magic Online. An early access KHM streaming event will likely take place on Jan. 27, although Wizards of the Coast hasn’t confirmed the date at time of writing. 

Prior to the digital release of KHM within MTG Arena, there are two pre-order bundles players can purchase from the MTGA store. The set will also contain a free-to-play Set Mastery and Mastery Pass rewards that you’ll need to pay for. 

KHM tabletop release

The official release date for KHM via tabletop is Feb. 5. A pre-release event is scheduled from Jan. 29 to Feb. 4. Players can order pre-release box sets from local game stores or online. And depending on where players live, LGS will offer tabletop gameplay with various restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An official launch party is also scheduled to take place from Feb. 6 to 7.

The Buy-Box promo for KHM is a foil alternative-art Realmwalker card and the bundle promo is a foil alternative-art Reflections of Littjara card.