Get a free MTG Arena Liliana deck with Twitch Prime

Get a free copy of Liliana. Dreadhorde General.

Twitch Prime Liliana Legion Deck MTG Arena
Screengrab via WotC MTG Arena

Twitch Prime users are eligible for a free Liliana Legion deck in MTG Arena. 

The free Liliana Legion deck in the Twitch Prime loot is available from Dec. 3 to Feb. 10. To access the free deck, users need to complete a few steps:

  • Go to the loot notifications, located at the top-right of any Twitch page.
  • Find the Liliana Legion deck.
  • Get the code.
  • Copy the 10-digit code.
  • Enter code in MTG Arena’s store (Control-V paste doesn’t work).

Cards obtained from the deck are included in a player’s library. But more than four copies don’t contribute toward the MTG Arena Vault.

The following cards are included in the Liliana Legion deck:

  • Two copies of Spectral Sailor (Uncommon)
  • Two copies of Foulmire Knight (Uncommon)
  • Two copies of Faerie Duelist (Common)
  • Four copies of Lazotep Reaver (Common)
  • Two copies of Callous Dismissal (Common)
  • One Dreadhorde Invasion (Rare)
  • Three copies of Aven Eternal (Common)
  • Two copies of Gleaming Overseer (Uncommon)
  • Two copies of Winged Words (Common)
  • Three copies of Murder (Common)
  • One Sphinx of Foresight (Rare)
  • Two copies of Nightvale Predator (Uncommon)
  • Three copies of Eternal Skylord (Uncommon)
  • Two copies of Unexplained Vision (Common)
  • One Enter the God-Eternals (Rare)
  • One Gravewaker (Rare)
  • One Commence the Endgame (Rare)
  • One Liliana, Dreadhorde General (Mythic Rare)
  • Four Copies of Dimir Guildgate
  • 10 basic Island lands
  • 11 basic Swamp lands

The Liliana Legions deck for MTG Arena is available from Dec. 3 to Feb. 10.