All MTG Arena Dominaria United Mastery Pass and renewal rewards

Don't miss out on free and upgraded rewards.

Image via WotC

Rewards are coming in Magic: The Gathering Arena with the release of Dominaria United through the Mastery Pass and for logging into the client. 

The Dominaria United (DMU) set is scheduled to release digitally on Sept. 1, which is also the day MTG sets rotate out of Standard through the digital fall 2022 rotation. As with prior Standard rotations, Wizards of the Coast is offering MTG Arena players rewards for logging into the client after Sept. 9 (the tabletop date for Standard rotation). And as an added bonus, players will find extra renewal rewards slotted into the Dominaria United Mastery Pass. 

Here are all the MTG Arena rewards players can get, according to WotC

All Standard rotation MTG Arena renewal rewards

Logging into MTG Arena after Sept. 9 will earn players 10 individual card rewards with a rarity of Rare or higher. All the possible reward cards are from the Standard format following fall rotation. Players will also have the chance to earn additional rewards by playing games through the Mastery Pass, featuring a variety of DMU individual card rewards, booster packs, and a Standard 2022 card sleeve. 

  • Level three: Two DMU Uncommon rarity cards
  • Level seven: One DMU booster pack and one DMU Mythic Rare card
  • Level nine: Two DMU Uncommon rarity cards
  • Level 11: Two DMU Uncommon rarity cards
  • Level 13: One DMU booster pack and one DMU Mythic Rare
  • Level 17: Two DMU Uncommon rarity cards
  • Level 21: Two DMU Uncommon rarity cards
  • Level 27:One DMU booster pack and one DMU Mythic Rare
  • Level 31: A Standard 2022 card sleeve

Mastery Pass Dominaria United MTG Arena rewards

Players can individually purchase an upgraded DMU Mastery Pass or get it in the Jaya Play bundle pre-order. There is also a free-to-play Set Mastery pass that offers players up to 33 DMU booster packs and five Mastery Orbs that are redeemable for card styles and sleeves on the Mastery Tree. 

Upgrading to the DMU Mastery Pass provides players with an abundance of rewards that range from a Jay, Fiery Negotiator avatar to multiple goblin pets and a variety of Standard-legal booster packs. 

  • Jaya Fiery Negotiator avatar
  • 20 Standard-legal booster packs (DMU, SNC, NEO, VOW, and MID)
  • 10 DMU Mythic Rare card rewards
  • 25 Mastery Orbs
  • 15 card styles for Common rarity cards
  • 10 card styles for Uncommon rarity cards
  • One Draft token for either Premier or Traditional Draft
  • 4,000 gold
  • 1,200 gems
  • Rundvelt goblin pet
  • Caliman goblin pet
  • Otarian goblin pet

With the Orbs from the MTG Arena Mastery Pass, players can unlock stained glass and other card sleeves, along with an actual card.  

  • DMU card sleeve
  • Exquisite card sleeve
  • King Darien XLVIII stained glass card sleeve
  • Rona, Sheoldred’s Faithful stained glass card
  • Braids, Arisen Nightmare stained glass card sleeve
  • Squee, Dubious Monarch stained glass card sleeve
  • Shanna, Purifying Blade stained glass card sleeve