All contents in MTG Arena Dominaria United pre-order bundles

Get ready for a return to the plane of Dominaria.

Image via WotC

Wizards of the Coast will offer Magic: The Gathering Arena players two pre-order bundle options leading up to the digital launch of Dominaria United

Starting Aug. 18 and running until the digital release of Dominaria United (DMU) on Sept. 1, players in MTG Arena can pre-order up to two bundles. The upcoming Standard-legal set returns to the plane of Dominaria to protect its inhabitants from another full-on Phyrexian invasion. Over 280 cards are in the set, showcasing planeswalkers, mechanics, and legendary creatures. 

Each of the pre-order bundles offers players a choice between booster packs or a combination of Limited tokens and the DMU Mastery Pass. Both bundles are priced at $49.99 and are limited to one per account. Players can only purchase a bundle through money outside of the game since gold and gems aren’t an option. 

Here are the two Dominaria United pre-order bundles on MTG Arena, available for purchase up to Sept. 1, according to WotC

Liliana booster pack bundle

Similar to previous booster pack bundles, the Liliana bundle offers players a total of 50 DMU booster packs in conjunction with other goodies like a physical Liliana card and card style. As a new feature, WotC is now offering Mythic booster packs as well. 

  • 50 DMU booster packs
  • One Liliana card sleeve
  • Five DMU Mythic booster packs
  • One Liliana card
  • One Liliana alternative art card style

Jaya play bundle

Play bundles in MTG Arena offer players a chance to compete in Limited events that have an entry fee while rewarding players with booster packs and more from the Mastery Pass. 

  • Upgraded DMU Mastery Pass
  • Plus-10 levels in the Mastery Pass
  • One Jaya card sleeve
  • A new pet
  • Three Draft tokens
  • One Sealed token
  • One Jaya card
  • One Jaya alternative art card style