How to get Shirou for free in Free Fire

The new character will be the reward of the event's peak day.

Image via Garena

Shirou is the newest character in Free Fire that came with the drop of Project Cobra’s update. The update also brought an event calendar full of challenges and rewards, including the return of the Bermuda Remastered map.

The event calendar started with the release of the update on Feb. 4 and will go until March 7. The highlights include two seven-day challenges, a web event until Feb. 28, token giveaways, and friend callback rewards from Feb. 23 to 28.

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Peak day is set to happen on Feb. 27. This is when Shirou will be available for free for all players who log in. Before he’s made available, an announcement in the game should reveal Shirou in Free Fire this week.

Screengrab via Garena

Shirou is the fastest delivery guy in Free Fire and comes with the “Damage Delivered” passive skill. The skill allows him to locate enemies who shot him and gives him additional armor penetration damage when he lands the first shot on a marked enemy. 

At level one, Shirou can locate enemies who shoot him within 50 meters for three seconds. By shooting the targeted enemy back, he gets 10-percent additional armor penetration damage and the skill has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

From level two to five, the distance for locating enemies increased by 50 meters and the time of the target goes up one second per level. Armor penetration increases 20 percent per level and the cooldown decreases by 10 seconds.

At level six, the highest level, Shirou can locate enemies within 100 meters for eight seconds and gets 100-percent armor penetration by hitting marked targets. 

To get the best out of his skill, be sure to always keep shotguns around Shirou. Good character combinations include Alok, K, and Chrono because of their armor and healing abilities.