Server transfers are now live in New World

Find your forever home.

Image via Amazon Games

New World fans can rejoice today thanks to the recent 1.0.3 patch and the introduction of the highly anticipated server transfer feature that was promised to fans shortly after launch.

Right now, each player in New World will have received a transfer token that can be used to move a single character from their current server to another server within their region.

When New World launched in late September massive play bases quickly filled the server making it impossible for some players to get in on the action on their desired server. To remedy this, Amazon promised that users who start playing on a different server would have the ability to transfer at a later date.

This promise was challenged each time the game shared any kind of update as fans attempted to remain patient before it was available, but now it’s ready to go and can be taken advantage of immediately.

There are still limitations, namely that you cannot at this stage transfer between regions. Another issue that some players may encounter is the fact that you can’t currently transfer into servers that are marked full, but this could change as those servers see their players transition elsewhere.

If a change in server is on the cards for you, here is where you can find out the process of what you’ll need to do to move. Also, here is a list of information of what will and what won’t carry over when you make the move.