How to change servers in New World

Here's everything you need to know about transferring characters in New World.

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Transferring characters from one server to another is a common feature found in MMOs like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and many more. And it’s now available in New World, Amazon’s new open-world MMO.

New World attracted hundreds of thousands of players when it launched on Sept. 27, 2021, only to leave many of them waiting and wondering for hours on end in lengthy server queues.

Amazon has acknowledged the issues that many players have experienced and is now actively looking to add new servers and expand the capacity of the existing worlds. “Our sole focus right now is to get everyone logging in and playing quickly,” Amazon said in a statement on Sept. 28.

To ensure that everyone can find an open world and join their friends in Aeternum, Amazon is offering the opportunity for all players to “relocate” their characters to a new server for free.

This is essentially a free server transfer that players will be able to make use of from October onwards.

“Our team has been working incredibly hard to get this feature [server transfers] tested and to a place where we are confident that it will perform exactly as intended,” Amazon said in a forum post on Oct. 9. “While we want everyone to find their long-term home in Aeternum as soon as possible, we also want to ensure that the process is seamless and ready for everyone to use.”

Amazon has been testing the feature for several weeks now and has decided to take a “safe, incremental” approach to rolling out transfers to all players.

With the introduction of Patch 1.0.3 on Oct. 19, server transfers went live in all regions, including AP Southeast, SA East, US West, US East, and EU Central. But the feature has since been temporarily disabled. It’s now gradually being reintroduced to the game, starting with US West on Oct. 28. The remaining regions will be enabled in the hours and days that follow.

The feature can be found in the in-game store. To make use of it, players must first leave their Company, remove any active trading post sell orders and buy orders, and travel to and log out in a sanctuary, like a settlement or an outpost.

After transferring, players will keep all character progression, including level, weapon mastery, and titles, their full inventory and storage, their currency, their house and housing decorations, and all quest progression.

Transferring for a second time will require an additional server transfer token. In the future, this will be available for purchase in the store.


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