Fastest ways to earn Tomestones of Aphorism in Final Fantasy XIV

It will be your way to the best gear in the game.

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With the release of Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest expansion Endwalker, new content has been added and the general level cap has been raised by 10.

Now, the players will have to level all their jobs up, but they will also need to acquire the right gear, too.

Square Enix has added a new kind of Allagan Tomestones with Endwalker, the Tomestones of Aphorism. They will be key to earn better gear in the game.

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Patch 6.0, which introduced Endwalker, added the NPC Cihanti in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.9, Y: 10.3, in the Bazaar). The Au’Ra will take your Tomestones of Aphorism and trade them for item level 570 gear.

The maximum item level in the game is 580, but it can only be earned by farming Extreme trials, and you’ll need the best gear available to enter in those duties and defeat the bosses. Here are the costs of all gear pieces available:

  • Weapon: 500
  • Paladin shield: 150
  • Head: 245
  • Body: 410
  • Hands: 245
  • Legs: 410
  • Feet: 245
  • Accessories: 180 each

To get the full Moonward set, you’ll need to exchange the hefty amount of 2,775 Tomestones of Aphorism. So if you want to earn the gear fast, you’ll have to know the fastest methods. Here is how to earn them.

Fastest ways to earn Tomestones of Aphorism in Final Fantasy XIV

There are many ways to earn Tomestones of Aphorism, but some are faster than others. The best way to earn them, similar to the Tomestones of Revelation in Shadowbringers, is by doing daily roulettes, in particular main scenario quest and leveling ones.

The issue is that if you want to level up your other jobs first, it will prevent you from getting the best source of XP you can get instead. The only one you can do without wasting XP is the Expert one, which only gets level 90 dungeons. If leveling up other jobs isn’t a priority, though, you can opt for roulettes.

The other solution is to do hunts. They’re events hosted by the FFXIV community. Lasting from 15 to 25 minutes, it aims to kill marked mobs in several Endwalker maps. If you’ve never done them, it can be confusing at first, but you’ll be guided by the other participating players.

Look in the Party Finder for party hunts, or join the Discord Faloop, which hosts several hunts per day. You’ll also have to unlock all categories of hunts by speaking to the NPC with a blue side quest sign on Old Sharlayan’s harbor. You’ll have to reach level 90 and complete all Endwalker’s main scenario quests to unlock them.

It’ll also be useful to have flying unlocked in all six Endwalker‘s maps, or you won’t be able to keep up without getting a ride from other players. To do that, you’ll have to attune to 10 Ather currents and complete four side quests in each map: Thavnair, Labyrinthos, Garlemald, Mare Lamentorum, Elpis, and Ultima Thule.

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