What does the Warden drop in Minecraft?

As scary as they look, they don't leave much behind them

Image via Mojang

Mojang has launched another major update to Minecraft, which brings a ton of new features. With the 1.19 version that went live on June 7, players are able to delve into several new activities. Discovering them all, though, will almost certainly take a lot of time.

But one of the biggest features in the 1.19 update is the new biomes, the Deep Dark Caves and Mangrove Swamp. Both of them are vastly different from the forms of terrains players have come to expect in Minecraft, providing valuable loot, resources, and more.

New biomes also usually mean fresh challenges. The case is no different when it comes to Deep Dark Caves, where an Ancient City can spawn. To find them, you must go below level 52, where they can appear. In Ancient Cities, you’ll be able to find chests with items that aren’t obtainable in any other way, so going on an adventure beneath is well worth it.

Precious items and Ancient Cities, however, are strongly guarded. This time, you won’t have to go through Zombies or Skeletons, monsters usually found below the surface. Ancient Cities are guarded by Wardens, which are extremely powerful enemies that can kill you in a span of a few seconds.

While Wardens’ goal is to guard the chests, you will still be able to kill them, provided that you have strong enough weapons.

What do Wardens drop?

But what exactly do Wardens drop? Besides a small amount of experience, players will receive nothing more than a Sculk Catalyst from Wardens. It’s an item that’s used to create a patch of Sculk with Sculk Veins if a mob dies within eight blocks of it.

That being said, Wardens haven’t been made to be killed or hunted. They’re incredibly strong and should be avoided when exploring the Ancient Cities. The real valuable loot you can find in these locations comes from chests.