How to find the mangrove swamp biome in Minecraft

Do you think there's any ogres lurking around here?

Screengrab via Mojang

The many kinds of biomes scattered around every Minecraft world are full of unique items and creatures that can only be found there. Minecraft’s Wild Update will introduce two new biomes on June 7, with one of the two being the mangrove swamp biome.

Mangrove swamp biomes are the second swamp type to be introduced into Minecraft, with the other being the classic swamp biome players are familiar with. The mangrove swamp type is the exclusive home of mangrove wood, a wood type like any of the other variants that can be converted into an array of useful wood creations including boats, doors, and planks through the crafting table.

The mangrove swamp biome also features tadpoles, frogs, and mud. Because it is a warmer climate, the frog type that will spawn in mangrove swamps will always be the light white warm climate frog.

Screengrab via Mojang

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The mangrove swamp biome is quite dense and packed closely together in a style similar to dark oak forests. Players may also find tropical fish and glow squid swimming in the water, bats upside down under trees or flying around, and some hostile mobs like zombies or creepers scattered around the biome.

The same structures that can spawn in the regular swamp biome, which includes witch huts and fossil structures, can also appear in mangrove swamps. Because mangrove swamps are much denser than the regular variant, players should be cautious while exploring in case a witch is hiding nearby ready to hit them with a dangerous potion.

Screengrab via Mojang

Where to find the mangrove swamp biome in Minecraft

While there is no real way to naturally find the mangrove swamp biome, this type of swamp only spawns in warmer Minecraft regions. This means players looking for the mangrove swamp biome should try searching near other warm biomes, such as the desert, jungle, badlands, or savanna biome since it’s fairly likely they will find a mangrove swamp near these areas.

Players can also instead use the “/locate” command to instantly find the mangrove swamp biome. After pressing T to open chat, players can type out “/locate biome minecraft:mangrove_swamp” to find the closest mangrove swamp to them. Players can then either teleport there instantly by clicking on the coordinates or make their way there by opening the debug menu and navigating there using coordinates.