When does the Wild Update release in Minecraft?

Get ready to build.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft players and fans were sent into a tizzy with news of the game’s latest update, which Mojang Studios has dubbed the Wild Update.

The update promises two new biomes for players to explore and build in, the deep dark and mangrove swamp. There are also new blocks for players to collect and use. While the deep dark brings sculk blocks into the game, mangrove swamp is where many of the new materials will be located. Players can collect and use things like mangrove logs and mud blocks.

Players that venture into the deep dark will need to be wary of one of the update’s new mobs, the warden. Wardens are described as terrifying and dangerous and are sure to provide a challenge even to seasoned players. Some new mobs players don’t need to worry about quite as much are the flying allay, which was voted into the game at Minecraft Live last year, and can help players find items in the game by searching out items given to them. There are also new various types of frogs, which can create new froglight blocks if they attack magma cubes. Frogs will vary depending on how mature they are and the temperature of the biome they can be found in.

With so many new locations and resources with which players can build, there are plenty of new experiences the update should offer. This should make the Wild Update an extremely popular one for players to check out.

Here’s when the Wild Update will release in Minecraft.

When does the Wild Update release in Minecraft?

Mojang has said that the Wild Update will be released on Tuesday, June 7. 

The update will be available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. The update should release simultaneously for all platforms.