Everything new coming in the Minecraft Wild Update

Get ready to explore like never before.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft developer Mojang recently revealed the release date of the game’s hotly-anticipated Wild Update. Originally announced last year at Minecraft Live 2021, the Wild Update promised players new biomes, new mobs, and new ways to explore a game that’s already packed with content.

In an official Minecraft blog post, the development team confirmed all of the new content coming with the Wild Update. Though the list appears to be comprehensive, it wouldn’t be unusual for Mojang to slip in some secrets, as it often does during big updates and patches.

Here’s everything new coming in Minecraft‘s Wild Update.

New biomes

The Wild Update is introducing two new biomes with dramatically different atmospheres. The first is the deep dark, an area that can only be found far underground. To reach it, players will need to dig beyond the base of a cave until they reach an area that’s completely silent. The deep dark is the only place to find the new sculk blocks, which can only be mined with silk touch. The reduction in cave noise and the presence of a shrieker, a creature that lets out an ear-piercing scream, will work together to create a creepy, horror-inspired atmosphere.

The other new biome is the mangrove swamp, an area that’s similar to the existing swamp biome. The mangrove swamp features large mangrove trees, which contain a new kind of wood block. Mangrove trees also have extensive root networks and grow out of the low, wet areas that are common in swamps. Swamps are a great place to create the new mud block, which is made by combining dirt and water.

Boat update

Those who enjoy using boats to travel across large bodies of water will be excited to hear that players can now take sail on a boat with a chest. This new tool is a combination of a boat and a chest and allows players to store items in the chest on the back of the boat. The chest on the boat functions like a normal chest in that it can hold just about anything.

New mobs

The Wild Update is bringing three new mobs for players to interact with. The first is the warden, a hostile mob that wanders the deep dark and is challenging to fight. “Stealth is the key to getting out of there in one piece, so stay sneaky,” according to the blog post, implying that players will need to use stealth to either escape or stay away from the warden.

The update will also introduce the allay, a mob that was voted in by the attendees of Minecraft Live 2021. The allay is a passive mob that looks like a blue fairy and helps players find nearby items. If given an item by a player, it will search nearby blocks for that same item before returning the original item to the player.

The final new mob is the frog, a much-requested passive mob. The frog can be used to create the new froglight block if it interacts with magma cubes and will presumably have a very cute ribbit. Frogs start out as tadpoles, a baby version that then takes time to grow into a frog. The blog notes that frogs are the only mob that has a unique baby version of itself.

The Wild Update will be released on June 7 for all platforms, including both Bedrock and Java Editions.