Best ways to get Mending books in Minecraft

This unique enchantment can't be obtained the usual way.

Image via Mojang

After spending hours working on enchanting your armor and weapons in Minecraft, you want to protect your hard work as best you can.

Mending is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft because it restores the durability of the object it is applied to using the experience you naturally collect while playing. Mending is a “treasure enchantment” that can’t be obtained from the enchantment table like other enchantments.

Here are the best ways to get Mending books in Minecraft.

Trading with a Librarian villager

Screengrab via Mojang

Finding or creating a Librarian villager is the most efficient way to obtain Mending books because it allows you to get an unlimited number of books from the same villager as long as you keep gathering the resources necessary for trading with them.

If the Librarian you find does not have a Mending book, break the lectern and replace it. Repeat this process until they offer a Mending book trade.

If you can’t find a Librarian, trap a single villager and place a lectern down by them. This will turn them into a Librarian. Repeatedly break and place the lectern until the Librarian is offering a Mending book and then trade with them to lock their trades in.

Looting chests

Screengrab via Mojang

Mending books can be found in treasure chests all around your Minecraft world. Exploration is rewarding and chests in structures such as mineshafts, End cities, woodland mansions, dungeons, can contain Mending books.

Going fishing

Screengrab via Mojang

Fishing is a slow process but an extremely easy one and a great way to reel in some Mending books. This method can be improved by enchanting your fishing rod with Luck of the Sea, which will increase the likelihood of catching treasure, and enchanting it with the Lure enchantment, which will decrease the wait time between each catch. This method is great for gathering Mending books but requires patience.