Marvel Snap devs promise High Evolutionary is coming—there’s just been a few hiccups

You'll have to wait a little longer.

Image via Marvel Comics

Marvel Snap was set to launch its next meta-defining card today, but due to an unforeseen issue that won’t be happening anymore. There is still good news though, the devs have since confirmed: the original problem has been resolved.

Players were surprised to find the High Evolutionary card was not available to collect on its expected May 23 release date, and shortly after a dev confirmed there had been a delay.

Due to the patch release process for Marvel Snap—a lot of which revolves around mobile app program staging—this means players won’t get their hands on the High Evolutionary today, but the Second Dinner team does plan to keep those token-rich players eager to add him to their collection in the loop.

In the meantime, Snap players can enjoy the final hours without this game-changing addition messing up their top decks.

The High Evolutionary card is set to bring untapped potential to the Marvel Snap cards that weren’t given any abilities. At the start of each game, all cards in a deck containing this new addition who don’t have any ability will be given a secret one. This means you can expect to see the Hulk, Abomination, Cyclops, and other similar cards back in play again after the vanilla picks fell away early in the meta.

For those who have been playing consistently, this means you can easily repurpose those perfectly built Patriot decks, giving them a huge boost thanks to the game’s Big Bad card. It remains to be seen what new decks will surface and what new limits the High Evolutionary can be taken to, but we’ll have to wait for its launch first.

Right now there is no timeline or date for when that launch will actually take place, but if you keep a close eye on Snap socials, you can expect an update soon.

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