Marvel Snap’s new Series 5 card is its first genuine game-changer in a while

This card is evolving Marvel Snap in a big way.

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The latest card to join Marvel Snap’s ever-growing roster of recognizable characters from the comic book universe is one of its most important and powerful in quite a long time—say hello to the High Evolutionary.

If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, released in theatres back on May 5, you have an idea of the jerk that the High Evolutionary is. His main goal in life as a genetic scientist is to explore DNA and unlock the potential of living beings, no matter what the cost.

In Snap, High Evolutionary’s card ability is quite fitting. Simply having him in your deck will unlock new abilities for seven different existing cards, immediately making them more playable and thrusting them and himself into the meta.

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Here’s everything to know about Snap’s newest and most powerful card.

Marvel Snap High Evolutionary card abilities

High Evolutionary
Image via Nuverse
  • Card stats: 4 Energy, 4 Power
  • Card text: At the start of the game, unlock the potential of your cards with no abilities.

The latest “big bad” card in Marvel Snap, High Evolutionary is currently indefinitely set in Series 5, joining the ranks of cards like Galactus, Thanos, and Kang the Conqueror.

And with High Evolutionary’s extremely special and unique ability, that’s probably the right call. This card opens up the door for countless new deck ideas thanks to how it evolves several of the game’s least-used cards.

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High Evolutionary gives new abilities to all of the cards in the game that have no abilities to speak of. Cards like Shocker, Cyclops, and Abomination, previously only truly used in decks with Patriot, can now slot into multiple archetypes.

Here are all of the cards that High Evolutionary evolves, and the new abilities he unlocks:

  • Evolved Wasp: On Reveal: Afflict 2 random enemy cards here with -1 Power.
  • Evolved Misty Knight: When you end a turn with unspent Energy, give another friendly card +1 Power.
  • Evolved Shocker: On Reveal: Give the leftmost card in your hand -1 Cost.
  • Evolved Cyclops: When you end a turn with unspent Energy, afflict 2 random enemies here with -1 Power.
  • Evolved The Thing: On Reveal: Afflict a random enemy card here with -1 Power. Repeat this twice more.
  • Evolved Abomination: Costs 1 less for each enemy card in play that’s afflicted with negative Power.
  • Evolved Hulk: Ongoing: +2 Power for each turn you ended with unspent Energy.

High Evolutionary may be just strong enough to build entire decks around, but he’s also a decent four-drop card that will make cards like Wasp, Misty Knight, and Shocker a lot more play than they have previously had in recent months.

Update on May 22 at 10:29pm CT: A Second Dinner developer has confirmed on Discord that there’s an issue that’s preventing High Evolutionary to appear in the Token Shop.

“We’re aware of an issue preventing High Evolutionary from showing up in the Token Shop or Collector’s Caches/Reserves,” Second Dinner said. “The team is currently working to find a solution and we’ll update when we have more information. Thanks for your patience!”

Update on May 23 at 2:33pm CT: High Evolutionary is still nowhere to be found over 16 hours past its original scheduled launch time. Second Dinner provided an update late last night, but there’s been no news since. It sounds like it may take a while still.

“The fix for High Evolutionary is going to require a client patch,” Second Dinner said on Discord. “Which unfortunately means, its going to take some time. We’ll continue to update everyone as we work towards the solution. Appreciate y’all! Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Update on May 24 at 11:39am CT: High Evolutionary is beginning to show up as part of a new update for Snap, rolling out across all platforms now.

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