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cat smiling in little kitty big city
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Little Kitty, Big City: All to-do quests and how to complete them

So much work for one small cat.

Our furry feline must explore a big area in Little Kitty, Big City, and there are quite a few to-do tasks for the curious cat to tick off.

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Underneath Little Kitty, Big City‘s warm and fuzzy exterior lies a surprisingly full, open world to pitter the patter of your paws around. Your cat covers some serious ground and gets through a fur amount of work—mainly fetch quests and helping stranded animals.

Along with the overall goal of getting the cat back to its home, there are a variety of objectives to complete along the way.

How to complete every to-do quest in Little Kitty, Big City

to do list in little kitty big city
Time to get those steps in. Screenshot by Dot Esports

We’ve found 23 different to-do quests in Little Kitty, Big City, and there could be one or two more on top of this. I say this as I’ve completed the main quest and uncovered practically every aspect of the map.

For now, here’s every mission we have found and how to complete them..

To-do TaskDescriptionHow to complete
Become an artistI don’t know much about art, but I think this piece could use help from a kitty!Right near the beginning of the game, knock the paint cans over the canvas, get some paint on your paws, and walk around the sheet. Once you’ve made enough of a mess, the quest is finished.
Boss Cat vs Ramune!I need to head to the street outside the Gecku store for my fake showdown with a little yellow bird.On the street opposite the Gecku store is a yellow bird—it’s very distinctive compared to all the other birds, which are blue. As you would any other bird, use the easy way to catch a bird to make this a cakewalk.
Bring Crow 25 ShiniesCrow wants me to bring him 25 Shinies. He says they’re hidden everywhere. I hope he’s right!Very self-explanatory, it teaches you how to get Shinies in Little Kitty, Big City, and you should have no problem hunting 25 Shinies down.
Catch a birdThis is catch and neighborhood release, so we still use soft paws, NOT claws!Refer to “Boss Cat vs Ramune!” for how to catch yourself a bird.
Fetch 3 feathers for TanukiIt’s the only way to find out what she’s inventing! Maybe the birds could lend some feathers? To use Tanuki’s fast travel pipes, you must first get three feathers. Use the method we discussed with “Catch a bird,” do this three times, and you should get three feathers in no time.
Fetch the dog’s ballsThey went missing in a Tanuki-related catastrophe, so I should check EVERYWHERE! (in the dog’s yard)The poor dog wants his special balls back in the hole in the ground. Fortunately, we know where every Shiba rainbow tennis ball is.
Find ChameleonThere is a place where hard hats shine, Where concrete pours and diggers whine. I’ll be camouflaged nearby. Invisible to your weird eye.The first of eight different “Find Chameleon” quests. We also know All of Chameleon’s hiding locations in Little Kitty, Big City.
Find Chameleon…again!A metal friend with arms spread wide Provides a place to climb and slide. But you won’t know I’m there at all, Because I’ll be invisible!The second “Find Chameleon” quest. Refer to our complete guide in “Find Chameleon.”
Find Chameleon, part IIIA sealed glass case containing snacks Can stop a human in their tracks. What’s better than one machine? A group of six to choose between!Number three in the “Find Chameleon” series. Refer to our complete guide in “Find Chameleon.”
Find Chameleon: Episode 4Lizards used to rule the Earth, (And will again, just mark my words!) But, until then, there’s a world of Gecku, A store where I will…uh…now expect you? The fourth part of the “Find Chameleon” quest. Refer to our complete guide in “Find Chameleon.”
Find Chameleon: 5IVE!So far I’ve been too merciful. So let’s go somewhere way more vertical! I’ll be near a rooftop garden Past the water-worlding warden.It’s time for the fifth “Find Chameleon” quest. Refer to our complete guide in “Find Chameleon.”
Find Chameleon 6: Find & FuriousThis rooftop was a bad idea Al alleyway will bring me cheer. Just look out for the big red bullseye AND…something something something…BYEEE!Here’s the sixth “Find Chameleon” quest. Refer to our complete guide in “Find Chameleon.”
Chameleon: Chapter 7You’ll come down to the riverfront, Where, magic-cloaked, I’ll watch you hunt. To find me is your dearest wish…Just don’t get sidetracked by the fish!The penultimate “Find Chameleon” quest. Refer to our complete guide in “Find Chameleon.”
Chameleon 8: The Return of ChameleonBeside the small convenience store Protected by a well-locked door You’ll find a room where human’s rest And that’s where I’ll conclude this test! The eighth and final “Find Chameleon” quest. Refer to our complete guide in “Find Chameleon.”
Find that CrowCrow said I should follow him…but where did he go?The opening of Little Kitty, Big City is linear, and it’s hard to miss the Crow.
Get back homeBut it’s such a long way up! I’ll need more energy for the climb…This is the main objective of the adventure. You must increase climbing stamina to climb up your main building back to the window you fell out of.
Help the Mayor get some sleepKnock breakable jam jars off high shelves. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.In the store are several jam jars. They’re all mostly up high, and you need to perform simple platforming to reach them. When you get to each one, use either of the cat’s Swipe actions to knock the jar off.
Replace Beetle’s PhoneI’ll help a human cut down on their screen time by borrowing their phone for Beetle.Another simple fetch quest. Find a human on their phone and either run into or swipe at them, and they should, hopefully, fall over—dropping their phone. Pick it up in your mouth and return to Beetle in the Construction Site.
Rescue the ??? from the pipeWhoever she is, she’s really wedged in there! Maybe a yank on the tail will help? Tanuki is stuck in the pipe, so bite onto her tail and pull her out of the pipe.
Reunite the familyI need to bring all the ducklings back to their dad. Their favorite places are marked on my new city map! You need to track down and find several ducklings across the city. This task is much easier using our all duckling locations guide.
Steal the fisherman’s fishThe fisherman took the fish from the river, so it’s totally fair if I take it from his fishing pole!This carefree fisherman eventually catches a fish, and you know he’s about to as exclamation marks appear above his head—signifying he’s got a bite. Once he retrieves the fish, he puts his rod down, the fish falls, and you momentarily have a chance to chow down on it.
Steal the gardener’s lunchThere must be a way to get that yummy fish without being sprayed with yucky water.The gardener is using a hose pipe, so we need to do the simple thing of turning it off. Follow the pipe to its mains, jump into the area, and interact with the nozzle to turn off the water main. Wile the gardener comes to turn it back on, hop into the kitchen, and eat the fish.
Waiting on a sunbeamThat kitty won’t budge from the nap spot until dinner time. I’ll need to find her a bagel before I ring the dinner bell!Another simple fetch quest that requires you to climb back down, find a human with a bagel, take it with you back up to the cat, place the bagel in the bowl, ring the bell, and it frees up the nap spot for you and marks the quest as done.

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