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Chameleon is one of the few animals in the game.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Little Kitty, Big City: All of Chameleon’s hiding locations

He's really sneaky, but you've got keen eyes.

While exploring the city and being a part-time nuisance as a cat in Little Kitty, Big City, you will find a Chameleon asking you to discover its various hiding locations to earn a great reward.

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To restore his reputation as the world’s most concealed creature, the Chameleon takes the journey of self-improvement and will challenge you to find it at different spots on the map while hiding with its supreme camouflage skills. However, after you first meet, it’ll also give you clues to help you decode its location on the map.

If you can’t find the Chameleon’s hiding locations, don’t worry. Here’s every hiding location and clue in Little Kitty, Big Cityto make it easier to find them and earn a rare magician’s hat for your loving cat.

All Chameleon hiding spots in Little Kitty, Big City

1) Meeting the Chameleon

Chameleon sticking to the window in the first location.
I will find you. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To start the quest to find the Chameleon in various hidden locations, you must first locate it without any clue. To do that, head over to the northern part of the city near the napping spot on the flat rock in the sand garden. After that, you spot a few boxes. Climb on them and knock the flower vases down. Make a jump for the window, where you’ll find the green-colored Chameleon, one of the 15 animals in Little Kitty, Big City.

After talking with Chameleon, he’ll share a clue, which is given below, to start the game of rat and mouse.

Chameleon giving the first clue to cat.
Sounds like a lot of work? Screenshot by Dot Esports

2) Find Chameleon

Chameleon hiding inside a portable toilet.
Really Chameleon? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Decoding the above clue, shining hats, concrete pouring, and diggers whining suggest only one place—the construction site. From the first location, move straight up and jump down the road. Run towards the left, and you should reach the construction site. 

Depending on your progress in the game, you can simply wiggle your way into the construction site through a small hole in the fence of the construction site. However, if you’re new to the game, you’ll need to unlock the Petwork to travel to the other side of the construction site. After reaching the mirror side of the construction, if you spot a dog blocking your way, turn slightly left from there, and you should spot the blue portable toilet meant for the workers.

Inside that, you’ll spot the blue-colored Chameleon, who will give you a clue to finding the next location:

Chameleon giving clue for Playground
That clue sounds fun and scary at the same time. Screenshot by Dot Esports

3) Find Chameleon… again!

Chameleon hiding in the giant slide.
Quite sneaky. Screenshot by Dot Esports

A mental friend might throw you off, but a place for climbing and sliding refers to the city’s playground in the map’s center. However, you need to complete the 25 Shinies quest and learn the climbing ability from the crow to reach this spot. Once you do that, go to the spot where you first eat the crow sitting on a bicycle near the dog and climb the vine behind it to vault over the wall.

After that, head straight, take the right turn, and go entirely straight until you find the road turning to find the playground. After that, climb the giant Slides, and after climbing them, the red-colored Chameleon should be sticking to the wall, ready to give your next clue:

Chameleon giving a clue for finding it.
Vending machines? I’m hungry. Screenshot by Dot Esports

4) Find Chameleon Part III

Chameleon on top of the vending machines.
Barely an effort this time? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Of course, it’s talking about the Vending machines! Just across the playground, there should be six machines full of snacks. You can climb from the left side and go to the blue-colored Chameleon, who will give you the next clue:

Chameleon giving more clues to Gecku's store.
I was trying to get the Shinies and not to step on the Chameleon. Screenshot by Dot Esports

5) Find Chameleon: Episode 4

Chameleon hiding in the Gecku's store.
Behind the figurines? Clever. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The clue asks you to go to Gecku’s store. Once you get down from the vending machines, move towards the right and take a slight left from the same road to find a building with a yellow creature on top of it. That’s Gecku.

Go inside the store and start climbing the right side of it to reach the top shelf and knock off Gecku figurines to find the orange-colored Chameleon sticking to the wall, giving you the next clue:

Chamelon giving clues to reach a rooftop.
A rooftop? Screenshot by Dot Esports

6) Find Chameleon: 5IVE!

Chameleon on the rooftop.
How did you even get here? Screenshot by Dot Esports

This one’s tricky, as there is a lot of climbing involved. We suggest eating at least two fish to give you enough stamina. After exiting the Gecko’s Store:

  1. Take a left, then a right, and go past the playground to find the two vending machines.
  2. Climb on them and reach the building’s terrace.
  3. Use the wires to move to another building and climb its terrace through the vines.

After reaching the terrace of the second house, you will see a human watering their plants and another pair of vines. Climb them to find the purple-colored Chameleon, waiting for you to give another clue:

Next clue from the Chameleon.
Next clue. Screenshot by Dot Esports

7) Find Chameleon 6: Find & Furious

Chameleon has climbed really high to hide.
That’s really high. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This is probably the hardest to find, as the clue was unclear. You will need to make your way toward a red-colored truck, which is located on the right side of Gecku’s store. Climb the truck’s boxes and follow the railings to the left side of the building, where you will start making your way upwards. After that, you will find the Chameleon holding on for its dear life as it’s afraid of heights, who will give you the next clue:

Chameleon's clue on Riverfront.
Where’s the fish? Screenshot by Dot Esports

8) Find Chameleon: Chapter 7

Chameleon is hiding in plain-sight.
That’s literally in the open. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The riverfront is easy to locate. Just go past the vending machines that you climbed first in Find Chameleon: 5IVE!, to the left. After that, walk straight, and you’ll find the Chameleon holding onto the signboard near the fisherman.

Chameleon gives the last location clue.
The final location awaits. Screenshot by Dot Esports

9) Find Chameleon 8: The Return of Chameleon

Chameleon in the restroom.
Chameleon don’t think too hard. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Of course, the challenge ends in the restroom. To find this place:

  1. Return to where you met the crow for the first time near the bicycle and fetch the dog’s bone from the nearby small construction site to keep it busy.
  2. Climb the boxes behind the dog and keep following it until you see a window.
  3. Drop into that window, and you’ll find the Chameleon contemplating life by staring at himself in the mirror. 

After that, it will realize that the trick to being completely invisible is adapting your colors to the surface (Eureka!); the Chameleon can finally be invisible at will. It will give you its magician’s hat as an act of gratitude and for also not getting caught going invisible in public. 

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