Tyler1 breaks through the Silver barrier, reaches Gold during mid lane challenge

The seasoned Challenger streamer struggled in his first two days of the challenge.

Screengrab via Tyler1

Tyler1 broke through the Silver barrier after being stuck there for two days during his quest to hit the Challenger rank as a mid laner.

He played a total of 15 games today and went 10-5, picking up wins left and right while practicing new champions on his journey to Challenger. While his MMR showed that he played with others within Gold IV MMR, he passed through the Gold III division once he reached 100 LP, ending the day in Gold II.

During the first games of his challenge, his KDA was spectacular. But it dropped off a cliff once Tyler1 played more games. His best performing champion is still Irelia, maintaining a 100 percent win rate due to his previous experience on the champion in his top lane challenge. He demolishes other mid laners on the champ and uses his lead to snowball other lanes. But he doesn’t use the same approach on other champions, which is affecting his win rate.

If he were to adjust his playstyle on the mid lane champions and roam as he does on Irelia, he’d likely quickly climb out of Gold and pass through Platinum in no time. Roams are a crucial aspect of the mid lane role due to the ability to influence other lanes easier compared to the jungler. As a mid laner, all you have to do is push the wave then roam, while the jungler has to walk through the jungle and pick up the camps in different spots before being able to gank.

You can watch Tyler1’s mid lane adventure the next time he goes live on his Twitch channel.

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