Riot tests changes to max cast range for area-based spells on League PBE

Only a handful of champions will be affected.

Image via Riot Games

League’s preseason is approaching and Riot Games is experimenting with how certain champion abilities interact with target areas outside of their max range. The developer released tentative changes to a handful of spells on the game’s Public Beta Environment today for players to test out.

Whenever a player casts an ability outside of its maximum range, the player’s champion will walk toward the target area until they’re within range before automatically casting the spell. This mechanic can result in positioning errors for new players or those who favor the quick cast function.

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With the proposed changes, certain AoE spells will be “constrained to cast range.” If a target area falls outside of the ability’s range, the champion will automatically cast the spell at the maximum distance in the direction of the cursor without walking forward. For the time being, only a handful of champions are being affected by the new PBE changes:

  • Heimerdinger’s CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade (E) and CH-3X Lightning Grenade (R+E)
  • Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain (E)
  • Singed’s Mega Adhesive (W)
  • Twitch’s Venom Cask (W)
  • Varus’s Hail of Arrows (E)
  • Ziggs’ Hexplosive Minefield (E)
  • Gangplank’s Powder Keg (E)
  • Viktor’s Gravity Field (W)
  • Syndra’s Dark Sphere (Q)

League fans will be able to test out the changes on the PBE. If they feel a bit weird at first, don’t worry. Riot is keeping an eye on how well the changes are received and will revert them if players’ reactions are generally mixed or negative.