Riot gives sneak peek of Senna’s True Damage Prestige skin with another Louis Vuitton collab

Get ready for a lot of gold.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans looking to keep the bot lane stylish are in luck.

Riot Games revealed a PBE preview of True Damage Senna’s Prestige skin on the League Twitter today, designed by Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière. The cosmetic is the second of two elaborate skins created from the partnership with the French fashion company following Prestige Qiyana’s October release.

Senna abandons her True Damage red garb for Louis Vuitton’s trademark gold and dons some new stylish shades. The champion’s black thigh-high boots are accentuated with a snazzy gold sole. And if we weren’t sure what Hogwarts house the support belonged to, we are now. Senna’s gold and black scarf is reminiscent of those worn by Hufflepuffs in the Harry Potter series.

The Redeemer’s relic cannon also gets a makeover, shining bright with white and gold hues. The Louis Vuitton logo completes the weapon’s fancy new look, perched right above the gun’s handle.

Riot appears to have kept its promise with the skin’s early 2020 release, but a specific date hasn’t been hammered down yet. With True Damage Senna’s Prestige skin being tested on the PBE, however, the cosmetic may come in the next patch cycle.

Fans will likely be able to snag the skin using 2020 Prestige Points, similar to last year’s Prestige line.