Riot experimenting with new Mythic enchanter item on LoL’s PBE

Enjoy a bit of extra damage for being a good support.

Image via Riot Games

Enchanter players in League of Legends are about to have a new item at their disposal, as well as more access to existing ones that were once limited.

Following the announcement that Riot Games is diving deep into item changes before the start of the second split of the 2023 season, various new and returning items—as well as major adjustments to others—have made an appearance on the game’s PBE server for testing today. Among these is a new enchanter Mythic known as Echoes of Helia, which takes the spot of a Mythic item that had rather niche uses.

Echoes of Helia costs 2,300 gold to fully complete and can be built with a Bandleglass Mirror and a new component item known as Chalice of Blessing. The new Mythic item provides 30 ability power, 200 health, 15 ability haste, and 125-percent base mana regen, as well as introduces a mechanic known as Soul Shards. These are awarded to players with the item for dealing damage to opponents, then being used when they heal or shield an ally for increased support—as well as dealing a bit of damage that impacts the closest enemy champion.

This item will sit alongside Moonstone Renewer and Shurelya’s Battlesong as the Mythic items made specifically for enchanters, while Imperial Mandate will now be relegated to a Legendary item, meaning it no longer has a purchase restriction. Notably, Imperial Mandate will no longer grant health in this new form, though it will provide players with a bit more ability power upon purchase.

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Echoes of Helia and all of the other changes to existing enchanter items are not expected to be released to League’s live servers until near the conclusion of the first ranked split on July 17. Due to the scope of the adjustments to these items and more, it is likely that various balance patches will be pushed to the PBE before they make their way out of the testing realm.

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