Riot welcomes 3 popular champions to LoL’s Moons of Ionia skin universe

Moonlight on fresh snow.

Image via Riot Games

Summer might be around the corner, but things are cooling down on the Summoner’s Rift with Riot Games’ upcoming skins for Ahri, Morgana, and Varus. The three champions are joining League of Legends‘ Moons of Ionia alternate universe as part of the Snow Moon cultists.

The three skins bring a frigid beauty that can be seen with their ice-themed animations and sound effects. Ahri’s auto-attacks and abilities all sound like mystical icicles striking their targets, as she bobs and weaves through a teamfight. When she begins her recall, the Snow Moon can be seen above her head while she floats in the air.

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Morgana’s full kit has been given the blue hue of Snow Moon, while Varus’ bow has been turned into a weapon of ice. They all have unique recalls, and their splash arts are all beautifully made with plenty of detailing in their outfits and locales. They will also bolster the forces of Snow Moon as they clash against the rival Blood Moon cult.

Image via Riot Games

Ahri, Morgana, and Varus will be joining Caitlyn, Illaoi, and Kayn in this skin line, which still leaves them outnumbered by the 18 different champions representing Blood Moon, but we could see more characters join their ranks next year—if the skins team decides to continue adding more champions to the universe.

Image via Riot Games

This will also be Ahri’s 17th skin, which ties her alongside Ezreal for the third-most skins in the game. She has always been a fan favorite in League throughout its history, and in today’s meta, she is currently the most-played champion among mid laners ranked Platinum and above, according to stats site U.GG.

Get ready to try out all of these new skins when the release on the League PBE later this month.

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