When does LoL ranked 2023 Split 2 start?

Bring a new mindset into the new split.

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Grinding ranked is one of the most efficient ways for League of Legends players to showcase their skills on Summoner’s Rift while being rewarded with how far they’re able to climb the ladder.

While a ranked season normally lasts from January to November, Riot Games has opted to implement a new strategy surrounding the popular mode for 2023. Instead of just one entire season where players earn one rank and one set of rewards, the 2023 season has been sliced into two splits, each with its own ranks and rewards.

Riot confirmed alongside the announcement of the format change that this will result in the need for two Victorious skins a year, rather than just one awarded to players who reach Gold and above by the end of the season. Additionally, the Victorious skins can now be earned by all players by simply playing ranked, though those below Gold will need to grind a significant number of games to be eligible to earn the skin.

Players will also need to complete another round of placement games when the second split begins, though Riot has indicated that the MMR reset for this half of the season won’t be as major as it usually is, meaning it shouldn’t take long for players to reach the rank they ended the previous split at.

What is the start date for LoL ranked 2023 Split 2?

Riot recently confirmed that the first split of the 2023 season, which began in January, is set to end on July 17 at 11:59pm CT. As with the end of all seasons prior, rewards are likely to be given out to players based on the rank they ended the split at a week or so after this end date.

Players won’t be able to jump right back into League‘s ranked climb immediately, however. The second split of the year will begin on July 19 at 12pm CT, giving players an entire day to rest or practice their skills in the game’s other modes.

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There also will not be a period of preseason prior to the start of split two since it takes place in the middle of the season whereas major gameplay element changes are normally made toward the end of the year. Therefore, players won’t experience any major adjustments to the game when the second split begins outside of regular balance patches.

At this point, Riot has not yet confirmed who the recipient of the second split’s Victorious skin will be. It’s expected that it will be announced as the split reaches its conclusion, which, should Riot continue to follow the annual schedule of a ranked season followed by an extensive preseason, will take place toward the end of November.

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