One of LoL’s most popular champions has an exceptionally low win rate in Patch 13.8

And no buffs are on the horizon, either.

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League of Legends Patch 13.8 is nearly at the end of its lifespan, and with Patch 13.9 around the corner, there’s enough of a sample size to draw conclusions about the ongoing patch. And with details for Patch 13.9 already circulating, now is a good time to look at what the future might hold for certain champions—especially those who might be struggling on the solo queue ladder. 

While most struggling champions are relatively niche picks, one subpar champion has been a prominent pick, especially in high Elo. One of the lowest win rates on the patch belongs to Aphelios, who has a mark of 47.25 percent at all ranks, according to League stats site

When zooming in on Aphelios’ performance at higher ranks, the champion’s win rate in Patch 13.8 (at Platinum+ Elo) is still a staggeringly low 46.78 percent, according to The champion’s win rate is even more peculiar when it’s taken into account that he has a pick rate of 9.8 percent, the 15th-highest among all champions in the game. Aphelios is the sixth-most popular AD carry on the roster, and for reference, the most popular choice, Jinx, holds a win rate over 51 percent. 

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Most other low win rate champions are those who are being played out of position. The lowest win rate specifically for Platinum+ players belongs to Miss Fortune support with a mark of 43.29 percent, according to She’s closely followed by Ezreal mid, Zed jungle, and Kayn top. 

There are currently no buffs or nerfs slated for Aphelios in Patch 13.9, and the champion will be untouched by balance changes in the upcoming patch. The last time Aphelios received a direct change was a buff to his passive’s Attack Speed bonus in Patch 13.4. So far, that’s the only change the champion has received in 2023. 

League Patch 13.9 will launch next Wednesday, May 3, according to the game’s patch schedule

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