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The best ADC champions of Season 8

These are League of Legends' top-tier ADCs for this season's solo queue.
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Some champions in League of Legends are just flat-out stronger than others.

For the marksmen and markswomen of League, or the ADCs, there are several types of champions to play. There are attack-speed-focused hyper carries like Kog'Maw, Vayne, and Tristana, and then there are the face-melting high early damage carries like Draven and Jhin. Fortunately, the current ADC meta allows players to choose whichever one suits their tastes, because they're all mostly viable right now.

This list of top-tier champions can be affected depending on a number of things. Sometimes the meta shifts for no apparent reason other than players' tastes, but usually there's some kind of balance change behind it. It can be difficult to keep up on the flavor-of-the-month champs, so let us do that for you.

Here's our ADC tier list for League's season eight solo queue.

Tier One

Champions in this tier are the strongest in the current meta, and it doesn't take much effort to carry yourself through the ranks of solo queue with them.


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Since her release earlier this season, Kai'Sa has been an extremely popular pick in both solo queue and pro play. There are several types of builds that work well on her, too, making her the most versatile ADC in the game. She's remained at the top of the meta simply by adjusting her build to match whatever style is OP at the time. She's gone full AD with crit, on-hit damage with attack speed, and now, some of her most popular builds are AP-focused complete with a Rabadon's Deathcap, Hourglass, and Mejai's. No matter what the meta demands, Kai'Sa can meet it, and she hits like a truck.


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Ezreal has spent nearly 10 months on top of the meta now. Last year, he took over the jungle, and when the new season started, he took advantage of the Kleptomancy rune to conquer the bot lane. No matter what gives Ezreal his strength, it's almost always something odd that no other champion can mimic. Right now, he's building two Tears of the Goddess, which means he'll have both a Manamune and Archangel's Staff in his final build. As odd as it sounds, he pulls it off, and it allows him to scale obnoxiously hard.


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Jhin might not be as versatile as some of the other top-tier ADCs, but he hits harder than any of them. His AD reaches absurd heights as he turns both critical strike chance and attack speed into more health, and the new ADC items introduced in Patch 8.11 fit him like a glove, particularly the Stormrazor and newly-updated Infinity Edge. His early game power is unparalleled aside from one other champion, Lucian, but Jhin also scales fairly well, elevating him to another level.

Tier Two

The second most powerful ADCs take a little bit more effort to play well, but when executed properly, they can carry a game just as hard as the best.


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Lucian has had a rough couple of years. He's found it quite difficult to remain a prominent figure in the meta for very long aside from a few weeks during season seven where he entered the mid-lane meta. The new ADC items of Patch 8.11, particularly the heavy-handed updates to both Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver, seem to be exactly what he needed, because he's keeping up with the best marksmen now. Lucian's early game power can rival Jhin's, and his burst potential can turn him into a sort of ranged assassin when the mid-game rolls around.


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Draven will probably always be on this list, simply because he's Draven. His kit, particularly the high early lane harass he gets from his Spinning Axes, just open him up to punish solo queue players who aren't as coordinated as they might be on the pro stage. No matter what's in-meta, Draven always seems to figure something out that works for him, whether it's the Conqueror rune (which was designed for melee champions) or a new item. He hasn't fallen out with the game's other great ADCs in months, and we don't expect he will any time soon.

Miss Fortune

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Miss Fortune is sort of like Draven in the sense that she excels in solo queue and not much beyond that. More specifically, she excels at low ranks. Once you reach higher elos, though, more and more players will know how to deal with her, and since she doesn't have a particularly high amount of skill expression, there isn't much room for outplaying with her, either. That being said, however, there aren't many ADCs that can cheese quite as well as she can. At low levels and with barely any items, she can take a squishy support or ADC's health down to half with one ability if she angles it correctly, and that sort of power can be very fun as long as you're not on the receiving end of it.

Tier Three

This is an interesting tier because champions at this level aren't exactly strong in the meta, but if you can learn how to play them well, you can still make them work to carry games. It might require a bit of extra effort to get there though.


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Jinx isn't particularly strong, but she does have a very prominent place in the current meta. Unfortunately, that's still the strongest she's been in a long time, so if you're a fan of Jinx, now's the time to pick her up. Although she's a crit-strike hyper-carry, the introduction of the new Infinity Edge and Stormrazor actually lowered her effectiveness a little bit. Jinx still boasts more cleave damage than any ADC in the game, so she's great on teamfight comps. The only ADC that can out-cleave her is probably Twitch, but he needs his ultimate to be available to make that happen, while Jinx just needs to flip a switch on her Q.


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Xayah spent a good portion at the start of season eight on top of the meta, so her current state is actually probably the worst it's been in a little while. This isn't a bad place to be, though, because it also implies that she probably won't be nerfed any time soon. Xayah gets a lot of use out of the new Essence Reaver, which gives her even more mana than its previous iteration, and the ultimate steroid it provides can be a valuable tool, too. She's great in teamfights, but she absolutely needs peel to be effective. Her damage comes from dancing around the enemy team rather than sitting behind her frontline, so she'll need one or two champions on her team that are good at getting to her to save her life when required.


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Caitlyn isn't in a bad spot whatsoever, but she does have trouble scaling into the late-game when compared to the likes of Ezreal and Jhin, which are her largest competition in the department of lane-bully ADCs. Still, she offers a little bit of crowd control and more reliable burst, which makes her a valuable tool. She can snowball with the strongest ADCs, and she has one of the best mid-game power spikes in the game, aside from Lucian. If you roll with Caitlyn for her safety in lane, however, try to end the game before the 35-minute mark.

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