New League of Legends Prime Gaming loot available today

There will be two more loot drops available this month.

Image via Riot Games

Amazon’s Prime Gaming subscribers can claim the first League of Legends loot drop of the month today. Players will receive a Mystery Skin Shard, which grants a random skin for any champion they already own.

You can choose to keep it or re-roll three shards into a random skin permanent. Prime Gaming was previously named Twitch Prime, but Amazon rebranded it to Prime Gaming last August.

There will be a Mystery Skin Shard available three times a month. This month’s next loot drop will be open to claim in almost two weeks from now, on Feb. 15. You can check the schedule for League Prime Gaming Loot until March on the Prime Gaming website.

Here are the steps you need to follow to claim the League Prime Gaming loot:

  1. Access the Prime Gaming page for the capsule. From there, click claim now.
  2. Once you’ve linked your Riot Games account, the bonuses should be claimed.
  3. To access the bonuses, launch League of Legends.
  4. Navigate to your loot tab and click the Mystery Skin Shard.
  5. From there, the random skin will appear on your screen before being added to your loot.

Prime Gaming subscribers can claim loot from several different games, such as RuneScape, FIFA 21, Fall Guys, and VALORANT. Amazon also offers complete games every month for free.

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