Riot releases final update on Little Demon Tristana before the skin hits the Rift

The three-month journey is coming to a close.

Image via Riot Games

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League of Legends fans have watched Little Demon Tristana grow before their eyes since voting for the skin earlier in the year, but the three-month journey is finally drawing to a close. Before the Yordle unleashes hell onto the Rift, Riot Games put the finishing touches on the marksman’s newest skin.

Riot posted its final update on Little Demon Tristana’s design process today alongside a time-lapse of the skin’s splash art. The latest update details all the work that went into crafting the skin since Little Demon Tristana’s six-week update, including the skin’s testing period and finishing touches.

As a skin voted on by fans, the design process looked a little different from the average League of Legends skin—even in the final phases of the creative process. As Riot details in today’s update post, most skins are named and given a short bio after the skin has been created but before arriving on the game’s Public Beta Environment.

Since Little Demon Tristana’s concept was already named during the fan voting period, there was no need to work on the skin’s name before delivering it to the test server. The development team did, however, give the skin a short bio, which depicts Tristana as a witch who managed to become a great queen of Hell, ruling over the twin aspects of Ruin and Woe.

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Little Demon Tristana joined the game’s PBE just over two weeks ago. While the skin was on the testing server, Riot was able to receive and look over player-submitted feedback through the game’s forums and on social media. During this period, the League of Legends developer made some final adjustments to the skin according to the feedback it received.

Now that its PBE phase is finished, the Yordle Gunner’s newest skin is complete and ready to hit the Rift tomorrow with League’s 9.11 patch.

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