League Patch 10.13 Nocturne hotfix goes live

The darkness returns.

Image via Riot Games

Following some bug fixes for League of Legends Patch 10.13, Nocturne is finally available for players to truly enjoy.

Nocturne was one of several champions that received buffs in the game’s newest update earlier this week. The changes to his passive now allow Nocturne’s basic attacks against monsters to reduce Umbra Blades’ cooldown by two seconds. As a result, the Eternal Nightmare would have theoretically improved in the jungle through efficient clearing tools.

But when the patch went live, bugs quickly surfaced. The error wasn’t in Nocturne’s passive, but rather in its Shroud of Darkness [W] ability. If players successfully blocked an ability with their spell shield, they’d normally be granted a passive attack speed buff. But the bug prevented Nocturne from gaining the buff for the rest of the game if he died even once.

This unintended error actually set Nocturne back significantly further than before and the new buffs in 10.13 were turning out to be massive nerfs instead.

Riot Games was quick to patch the error and issued a hotfix last night. The update properly gave Nocturne his much-needed jungle clearing abilities. It also addressed another bug involving his Duskbringer [Q] ability displaying incorrectly upon his death.

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