The next big champion releases and updates in League of Legends

Some champions are being updated from top-to-bottom, while there will be completely new additions to the Rift soon.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games and League of Legends fans have celebrated a decade’s worth of champion releases, events, and changes to the game. A lot has changed in 10 years and Riot is constantly adding champions or reworking older ones to tune them to the current standard of the game.

Over the last few years, Riot has taken several champions back to the drawing board and redesigned them for the better. Here’s what will be hitting the Rift for the rest of 2020.

Recent updates: Fiddlesticks

Image via Riot Games

After months of updates and hidden Easter eggs, Fiddlesticks has finally crawled onto the Rift. The champion’s rework arrived on League‘s live servers today just in time for April Fools’ Day, but its appearance isn’t the only thing Riot improved upon.

Although the champion’s ultimate ability remains the same, Fiddlesticks’ playstyle is now better suited to the character’s horrific theme. The champion leaves copies of itself around the map, giving enemies jump-scares wherever they go. Similarly, Fiddlesticks’ Reap ability slashes forward, silences any enemies hit, and its drain targets multiple enemies at once.

Recent and upcoming champion releases

Image via Riot Games

Sett was released in Patch 10.1 alongside the Mecha Kingdoms event. He’s League’s first champion of 2020, but Riot has already revealed a few teasers for the game’s next champion releases.

In a developer update, Riot announced it will drop several champions throughout the year. The developer has plans to release a new jungler in 2020—which many believe to be a deer-like creature based on the wording of Riot’s announcement—and a second champion that has already been revealed in League’s lore.

Upcoming updates: Volibear

Image via Riot Games

Riot called on the community to choose the next champion update in May 2019 and the community answered. But fans didn’t choose just one champion—instead, they chose two: Volibear and Fiddlesticks.

The two champions stood neck and neck in Riot’s poll, with both sitting at 24 percent. Since they were so close, Riot decided to release two updates for this year. Fiddlesticks’ rework dropped today alongside the release of Patch 10.7, leaving fans anxiously awaiting Volibear’s turn.

Last month, Riot champion designer Nathan “Lutzburg” Lutz informed League fans that Volibear’s rework was “feeling good/balanced” and hinted at possible builds and runes for the champion, including an AP bruiser build. The League developer has yet to reveal an exact date for the arrival of the new-and-improved Thunder’s Roar on the game’s PBE or when fans can expect him to hit the live servers, however.

This article will be updated periodically as new information is released.