IG reclaim first place in LPL 2020 Spring Split after taking down TES

IG are looking to return to their former glory.

Image via Riot Games

Invictus Gaming have maintained their winning streak in China’s 2020 LPL Spring Split with a win over Top Esports today. The former League of Legends world champions are currently on a six-game winning streak and look to return to the terror they once were in 2018.

ADC Ding “Puff” Wang showed up today on Aphelios and carried both games for his team. Top laner Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok and mid laner Song “Rookie” Eui-jin did not play to their usual standard. If Puff didn’t play as well as he did today, IG might have lost their first spot in the standings.

The first game went quite even for the most part, but a coordinated play by IG shut TES down, allowing IG to secure an advantage over their opponents. After a fight around the Baron, IG pulled ahead and were able to end the first game without issues after wiping out most members of TES.

The second game went better for IG. They were able to secure an earlier lead and extend their advantage. With Puff’s teamfight capabilities on Aphelios, they were able to end the game in 23 minutes.

IG have been performing well after losing star ADC Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-bo during the offseason. Their new ADC, Puff, is playing much better than expected and has quickly found synergy with the rest of the squad.

IG sit in first place in the LPL Spring Split standings. They will be battling the second-place team eStar on Monday, March 23. You can tune into the official LPL broadcast channel at 6am CT to see their match.