How to watch LoR A Curious Journey Seasonal tournament

Catch the playoff action unfold via multiple broadcasts.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has reinstated broadcasts for Seasonal tournaments, starting with A Curious Journey, scheduled to take place in May. 

Broadcasts for Legends of Runeterra Seasonal tournaments are no longer canceled, getting reinstated by Riot prior to the A Curious Journey Seasonal. The broadcast format for the upcoming Seasonal will remain the same, with potential changes taking place leading up to the LoR World Championship later this year. 

Action for the A Curious Journey Seasonal begins on May 7 via the Last Chance Gauntlet and a Master’s Cut will take place on May 12. The official start of the Seasonal tournament will commence on May 14 via the open rounds. But only the playoffs will have a broadcast by Riot featured across all regional shards. 

How can I watch the Legends of Runeterra Seasonal tournament?

Open rounds for the Americas shard start at 3pm CT on May 14. Fans can watch their favorite streamer or tune into the GiantSlayerLoR broadcast. Leading up to the Seasonal playoffs, Riot is giving away free Coin drops via various Legends of Runeterra streamers and tournaments.

The official Riot broadcast for the A Curious Journey Seasonal tournament will take place on May 21. Fans will witness a total of 32 players get reduced to the top eight, competing in the A Curious Journey finals for a chance to earn a direct invite to the Legends of Runeterra World Championship later this year. 

Casanova will be the host and MrEmotional will be the desk analyst for the NA stream on Twitch. Other casters include Charm3r, Silverfuse, JDoza, and Boulevard.

Here’s every broadcast for the LoR A Curious Journey Seasonal playoffs around the globe, according to Riot

Americas LoR Seasonal broadcast

APAC LoR Seasonal broadcast

Europe LoR Seasonal broadcast