Bizarre Neeko bug sees champion lose walking animation after transforming into Aphelios

This bug easily allows players to spot a transformed Neeko.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player shared a strange bug on Reddit earlier today that revolves around Neeko and the champion’s ability to take the form of allied champions by way of her passive, Inherent Glamour. 

In the specific instance that was shared, the Neeko player takes on the form of an allied Aphelios and begins sieging a bottom lane turret. Once the player takes down the turret, Neeko—who’s still disguised as Aphelios—loses their walking animation completely and simply begins to glide over the ground.

While it’s unclear if this bug persists into other interactions throughout the champion roster, one commenter said you can consistently replicate this bug with Aphelios by “pressing W and then immediately changing into Aphelios.”

The bug could potentially be seen as detrimental considering part of Neeko’s kit is focused on deceiving the enemy team by creating clones of her allies. If that clone is levitating several feet above the floor in an extremely unconvincing “T-pose,” enemy players can easily sniff out Neeko as a potential doppelganger.

A new skin for League’s Curious Chameleon, Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko, was added to the game last week in Patch 11.2.

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