Best hotkeys and keybindings for League of Legends

Utilizing these keybindings is going to assist players in taking their skill to the next level.

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League of Legends is one of the most popular competitive games in the world with tournaments held regularly for major prize pools. Often players will see esports athletes and wonder how they can improve their skill to get to that level.  While there are many factors that go into a player’s skill level, there are changes any player can implement to improve their performance.

One of these things is the use of keybinding and hotkeys. Setting up your controls correctly seems like a no-brainer. But there are many features players may not utilize or even be aware of their existence.

In this guide, we are going to share some of the best and most effective hotkeys used by players at the highest level of competitive League.

Quick casting

While quick casting is something most players will be aware of, this feature can be optimized further to provide the most benefit to the player. Quick casting allows the player to use their abilities instantly at the press of a key without indicators appearing on the screen. While this is fantastic for veteran players who know the exact damage radius of the abilities of their champion, for newer players or people trying out a new champion sometime is can make things difficult.

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Using hotkeys, the player is able to ensure they are aware of the abilities’ indicators while having the option to show them on screen or not at the press of a key. To do this, you need to press Escape and navigate to the Hotkeys tab. In the Abilities and Summoner Spells dropdown, you will need to bind all your abilities to Shift plus the corresponding key.

This will allow you to see the damage indicators in-game by holding the Shift key while still allowing you to quickly cast if you chose to by just pressing the key separately.

Self cast

Often times when a player is involved in a teamfight they are going to need to cast spells on themselves. But in the heat of the moment, it can be difficult for users to find an opportunity to click on their champion in the battle.

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Luckily for players, there is an easy way to counter this. By holding the Alt key and then clicking the key that corresponds to the ability to use on themselves, players won’t need to move the cursor away from the action.

Portrait casting

Another way of casting an ability on allies is through using the character portraits displayed on the screen. If a teammate finds themselves in trouble and needs a quick heal, sometimes the fastest way to help them out is through portrait casting.

To do this is quite simple. Click an ally’s portrait and then press the key corresponding to the ability you wish to cast on them.

This simple tip will enhance your effectiveness as a team player when climbing ranked.

Target champions only

One of the most important hotkeys for playing League at a high level is target champions only. Often when farming minions and looking for poke on enemy champions, players will find themselves accidentally misclicking, which can cause them to miss farm or to miss the champion they are targeting. This option can be bound In the hotkeys settings tab.

Another benefit of using this hotkey is that allows you to navigate through minions and jungle camps being able to position yourself without drawing aggro.

Attack moving

Attack moving is a strategy you will often utilize when kiting an enemy. While it seems quite straight forward, there are a few options that must be enabled to do it most effectively.

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You are going to want to bind player attack move in the player movement dropdown of the hotkey settings. Once you have done this, navigate to the interface settings and enable the settings to show attack range.

Something not all players will consider is the range each champion has on their basic attack. While you are not expected to know each individual champion range, knowing the distance you are able to attack from is greatly beneficial in both farming and poking your opponent.

Finally, you are going to want to go to the game settings and enable the option attack move on cursor.

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Enabling this option makes sure that you will target the closest enemy to your cursor and not the closest enemy to your champion.

Stop key

A key tool in farming and ensuring you do not wander into danger; the stop key is often overlooked by players. Automatically bound to S, the stop key is perfect to get in close and minimize the attack travel time when farming as a ranged champion. Or perfect for quickly canceling walking once an enemy appears. This key is something you will begin to utilize more as you progress in the rankings.

Leveling up abilities

Sometimes during combat, you are going to earn a level up in a situation where you are unable to navigate your cursor to the HUD and select the skill you would like to increase. Thankfully for players, the game comes default with an option to address this exact situation.

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Leveling up abilities can be achieved by holding control while selecting the key of the ability you want to level up.

Camera control

Sometimes you will need to rapidly spectate your teammates to see engagements they have found themselves in or organize potential lane ventures as a jungle player.

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While you can do this by clicking the teammate’s location on the mini-map, with hotkeys you are able to move your camera directly to your teammates with the press of a button.

To set this up you will navigate to the Hotkeys tab in settings, camera control, and remap the select ally options to your F1-F4 keys. Then select self is not necessary as you can do this by pressing the space bar.

Having these readily available it going to increase your awareness substantially as you progress in the rankings.

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