The 7 best Nintendo Switch skins

Add a personal touch to your Nintendo Switch.

Image via Nintendo

Skins add a personal touch by making a generic product yours in a creative and fun way. There are a number of skin options for multiple platforms, but the Nintendo Switch is uniquely designed to show off personalization.

Thanks to the console’s portable nature, you will be able to show off a Switch skin much more than you would an Xbox or PlayStation skin.

Nintendo Switch skins have multiple parts: docks, console, Joy-Con controllers, and controller grip. There’s some variation, but most skins are made of precut vinyl that must be placed on the console. 

There’s an overwhelming amount of options for skin patterns, sellers, and designers. Skins can be found on generic shopping sites like Amazon and Etsy. Switch skins can also be found on specialty websites, like Decal Girl, Skinit, or Sticky Bunny.

With so many options available, there is also a lot of overlap between the designs. Common patterns include sky scenes, stars and galaxies, matte colors, and marble-inspired patterns. Other specialized skins will have specific characters from popular Nintendo games. Amazon has an official store with licensed skins featuring Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and The Legend of Zelda patterns. 

When it comes to skins, “best” is a subjective term. Patterns, designs, and aesthetics are personal preferences that vary greatly. While we have a list of popular skins that we enjoy, they may not appeal to everyone.

BelugaDesign Clouds Nintendo Switch Skin

Image by BelugaDesign via Amazon

BelugaDesign delves into cute, pastel designs. The company uses popular characters, ranging from Sailor Moon to Pokemon. The Clouds skin features stylized fluffy clouds on a sky blue and purple background. The cute, non-specific pattern will appeal to gamers who don’t want to be tied to a licensed character. 

BelugaDesign sets cover the dock, console, Joy-Cons, and controller. They’re made from vinyl and tested to leave no residue or damage. The images are made with fade-proof ink to keep the colors crisp. BelugaDesign does not appear to have a screen protector as part of the set. 

BelugaDesign Gengar Nintendo Switch Lite Skin

Image by BelugaDesign via Amazon

BelugaDesigns makes more than standard Switch skins, and the Switch Lite isn’t forgotten. This Switch Lite Pokémon skin features Gengar.

The skin covers the whole console in vinyl. The front of the skin is purple, wrapping the buttons in red, and features a ghostly pattern around the analog sticks. The back of the case is the focus of the design. A spectral, sketchy Gengar appears on the back next to some Katakana text with the Pokémon’s name. The BelugaDesign sticker is a full vinyl wrap, unlike the multi-skin Clouds design listed above. It’s also made with fade-proof ink to keep the design vivid and long-lasting. 

Controller Gear Mario’s Outfit Nintendo Switch skin

Image by Controller Gear via Amazon

Not many series are as long-lived or as well known as Super Mario. Fans of Mario can bring the character’s charming overalls to their Nintendo Switches with Controller Gear’s Mario’s Outfit skin.

The skins of the Switch and dock are near identical. The dock has the front and back of Mario’s signature overalls, while the Switch has the same pattern on the back. The Joy-Cons are the straps with the sticks themselves functioning as the overall buttons.

Like Controller Gear’s other items, this set comes with a screen protector for the front of the device. It is supposed to be easy to place and easy to remove with no residue. 

Controller Gear has other Super Mario characters available. For fans of the classic game, there are some pixel patterned skins. Other skins feature Bowser, Peach, Luigi, or Yoshi. 

Controller Gear Pokémon Sports Stripe Set 1 Nintendo Switch skin

Image by Controller Gear via Amazon

Controller Gear has many options for Pokémon fans. They range from subtle patterns, like our featured choice, to a limited selection of character-specific skins. Pokémon is one of the most popular titles on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, with so many Pokémon, it’s unlikely you’ll find your favorite Pokemon on a skin.

If you’re not looking for a specific Pokémon, the Sports Stripe Set 1 is a great option to consider. This Controller Gear skin is a black and white skin with subtle Pikachu silhouettes.

Like the other Controller Gear skins, this one comes with a screen protector for the front and back of the Switch, the Joy-Cons, dock, and the controller. It won’t leave any residue should you decide you want to remove it. 

Controller Gear Sheikah Skin Nintendo Switch Skin

Image by Controller Gear via Amazon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild featured the Sheikah Slate, Zelda’s answer to smartphones and modern technology in a medieval fantasy setting.

For Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans, the Sheikah Slate skin will be a nice shout-out to the game. This skin has two main designs. The core of the Sheikah Slate appears on the back of the Switch and on the dock. The Joy-Cons have a border around the buttons inspired by the Sheikah Slate to match. The Joy-Con grip has the Breath of the Wild logo in the center.

Similar to the other Controller Gear skins, this design comes with a screen protector to cover the front of the console. 

There are other options for Legend of Zelda fans. Other character-specific skins are available for Link, Zelda, Mipha, and Revali. There are also more generic patterns linked on the main listing for fans. 

Controller Gear Timmy and Tommy Nintendo Switch Lite skin

Image by Controller Gear via Amazon

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a hit upon its 2020 release. Controller Gear has multiple Animal Crossing skins for both the Switch and Switch Lite. This skin features Timmy and Tommy on the back of the switch and smaller versions of them on the front.

Other Animal Crossing skins for the Switch Lite include KK Slider with a quilted background, the Animal Crossing logo, Tom Nook, and repeating patterns of various villagers.

Unlike the other Switch skins from Controller Gear, this Switch Lite version does not appear to come with a screen protector. However, the version for the standard Nintendo Switch does come with the screen protector.

Taifond Dazzling Galaxy

Image by Taifond via Amazon

If popular characters aren’t your preference, Taifond provides more generic skins. The brand offers a variety of different skins ranging from starry galaxies to famous paintings.

Taifond’s skins share a few similarities with Controller Gear’s products. This Taifond skin covers the dock, the Joy-Cons, the controller, and the back of the Switch and comes with a tempered glass cover, much like the Controller Gear options. The additional, durable glass cover is always appreciated since taking your Switch on the go can lead to some drops along the way. 

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