The 6 best micro-ATX cases of 2022

Full towers are overrated.

Most competitive gaming PCs come in full-sized towers, which allow for better airflow. Though a certain level of space is needed between your components to avoid overheating, a full-sized tower can drastically increase your PC’s overall weight. If you travel a lot or want your rig to take up less space under your desk, it doesn’t get any better than micro-ATX cases.

Micro-ATX cases are the sweet spot between towers and mini-ATXs. They’re significantly smaller than any kind of tower case, but they still have enough room to provide a decent airflow—one of the weaknesses of mini-ITX cases.

Looks are important while choosing a micro-ATX case, but there are some particular aspects that you should consider. Some cases may come pre-equipped with their own cooling solutions, but making sure that they support liquid cooling can future proof your setup. If you’re planning to go for a more traditional cooling route, looking for the available fan mounts in the case of your choice and checking if it comes with air filters will make sure that you’ll have fans blowing at full speed with the least amount of dust.

Picking the best micro-ATX case through the sea of options can take a lot of time. We’ve gathered the best micro-ATX cases on the market so you can save time on research and start building your dream PC right away.

Antec P6

Investing in a top-tier case will have its perks, but if you’re a couple of bucks short of picking out a better graphics card for your system, then you’ll need to cut costs from somewhere. The case is usually the first corner to cut since it has a minor impact on gaming performance.

Antec P6 is a decent budget case that can house up to six fans. This micro-ATX case can support GPUs up to 15.4 inches and CPU coolers no taller than 6.3 inches. There’s also enough room inside to experiment with liquid cooling solutions.

Considering its price tag, the Antec P6 can be considered a steal, but it’ll lack fancy features like RGB. If you sacrifice the looks, Antec’s P6 can help focus your budget on more performance-impacting peripherals, helping you take your rig to the next level.

Estimated size: 18.5 by 7.87 by 15.94 inches

Weight: 12.98 pounds

InWin 301

Manufacturers come up with countless gimmicks to rise above their competition. Taking a more straightforward approach by offering pure quality is another way to beat your rivals—InWin’s 301 does just that.

This simple-looking case comes with a tempered glass side panel that allows you to enjoy your RGB setup to the fullest. The rest of the frame is built from steel. The case can house micro-ATX and mini-ATX motherboards. You can install a maximum of five fans into the InWin301. It also supports water cooling, allowing you to decrease temperatures further.

In terms of space for other components, you can easily fit a full-sized power supply inside, alongside an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 TI, which is about 10.5 inches long. Using larger components cuts back from the case’s storage size, and it can only house a single 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch drives. While this can be a drawback for gamers who enjoy keeping every game they own downloaded, it shouldn’t affect anyone who downloads their games whenever they want to play.

Estimated size: 14.6 by 7.4 by 14.3 inches

Weight: 14.4 pounds

NZXT H400i

No matter the size of the case, NZXT offers excellent quality and aesthetics.

NZXT H400i offers a bit more room than your average micro-ATX case and features two RGB LEDs, which you can adjust. The case also features Adaptive Noise Reduction technology, making it an exceptional choice for anyone who wants to build a quiet rig.

NZXT H400i can house up to five case fans and a smaller liquid cooling solution. The case arrives with three Aer F 120-millimeter fans already, leaving you with two more to install if you decide to go for full-force airflow. You can easily mount GPUs up to 16.2 inches, and the case comes in six different colors.

The case is compatible with micro-ATX and mini-ATX motherboards and includes quality-of-life features like a digital fan controller, in addition to its sound reduction technology. Its pre-installed channels and straps make cable management a seamless process and should guide you through building a less crowded PC. 

Estimated size: 16.57 by 8.27 by 16.42 inches

Weight: 16.76 pounds

Fractal Design Node 804

Regardless of their type, PC cases have a standard aesthetic look that resembles a rectangle. While there’s nothing wrong with that, stepping outside the design boundaries of a rectangle can also make way for more futuristic-looking cases.

Fractal Design’s Node 804 is a cube case with a minimalistic black body, making it look like a gigantic speaker placed under your desk. Despite the height loss, Node 804 can hold graphics cards up to 12.6 inches tall and case fans up to 6.3 inches. The support for liquid cooling solutions is also there, and you can easily fit in a liquid cooler that’s smaller than 11 inches.

The main reason it’s more expensive than other cube-style cases on the market is its sturdy build quality. Fractal Design’s Node 804 is built from aluminum and steel. Like most micro-ATX cases, it supports micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboard types. Another factor that bumps up its price is its internal storage bay. It can store up to eight 3.5-inch and four 2.5-inch storage devices or 10 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch storage devices.

Estimated size: 13.5 by 12.1 by 15.3 inches

Weight: 13.2 pounds

Corsair Carbide Series Spec-M2

Though it looks like a tiny electric radiator, Corsair Carbide Series Spec-M2 features one of the best airflow optimizations in a micro-ATX case.

Corsair’s Spec-M2 can house up to five fans but only comes with one pre-installed 120-millimeter LED fan. The included fan is placed in the front panel. The case also supports liquid cooling solutions. It features a transparent side panel that allows RGB fans to showcase their style, too.

It has a modest front panel with a USB 3.0 input and headphone jacks. While it doesn’t have the most prominent storage space, the tool-free installation process makes it super easy to plug in a 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch, 5.25-inch hard drive or SSD in a matter of minutes. The cutouts inside the case should also help you manage your cables while setting up your PC.

Estimated size: 17.63 by 7.79 by 14.88 inches

Weight: 8.04 pounds

Phanteks EVOLV mATX

As far as high-quality micro-ATX cases go, Phanteks EVOLV mATX is more of a budget option. It comes with a tempered glass side and panel, and you can fit CPU coolers that are 7.6 inches tall inside.

The inclusion of a PSU shroud ensures a less crowded look inside. The case can house graphics cards that are no longer than 12.5 inches. While this may look like a negative compared to its rivals, you can easily find sub-12.5-inch versions of the top graphics cards.

EVOLV mATX comes with removable dust filters, making it easier to clean. It’s also liquid-cooling ready. It supports radiators up to 11 inches on its top and 14 inches on its front panel. The case comes in three different styles and can house six fans.

Estimated size: 15.70 by 9.10 by 17.80 inches

Weight: 19.80 pounds

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