An Xbox Series X bundle is in stock now on Antonline

A bundle without markup.

Image via Microsoft

Aside from Walmart’s Xbox Series X supply during its restock for Walmart Plus members, there are few places to reliably find the newest Xbox powerhouse. But a bundle is in stock on Antonline, an online electronics retailer.

The Xbox Series X bundle includes everything needed to get set up with couch co-op and online play. Antonline’s bundle includes a wireless controller, an Elite Series 2 controller, and the Xbox Stereo headset. Round trip, this bundle will put a $739.97 dent in your wallet. But the additional headset and Elite Series 2 controller are solid bundle additions that might make it sting slightly less for competitive players. Considering the Elite Series 2 is a $179.99 controller and the Stereo headset is $59.99, there isn’t an additional markup with the bundle.

Image via Antonline

Antonline is a smaller online retailer that’s seen as a legitimate store among the community. The only apparent issue is that customer service may not be the best, based on reviews and accounts. Still, the company offers returns on new and sealed Xbox products, according to the official site.

With the Xbox Series X selling out left and right alongside the PlayStation 5, this looks like a prime opportunity for those with deep enough pockets. Interested parties can check out the bundle here, but it’s always encouraged to do your homework before purchasing from an online retailer.