What is Academy mode in Halo Infinite?

The mode should be an excellent option for new players.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo fans recently got their first in-depth look at Halo Infinite’s highly anticipated free-to-play multiplayer mode, which features crossplay, thousands of ways to customize your character, and updates to classic mechanics like vehicle damage and equipment. 

The trailer also gave fans a look at the new Academy mode, which allows players to “onboard” into the multiplayer experience. 

The new Academy mode features a “series of experiences” ranging from a general tutorial to weapon drills that allow players to get more comfortable with guns. Players can also practice against bots and adjust the difficulty as needed. The bots can help players improve “wherever you’re at in experience” and higher-level bots will be tough for even the most seasoned Halo players. 

The Halo franchise has been around for almost 20 years and some fans have played since the beginning. The Academy mode allows new players to practice and learn the game mechanics before jumping into a public match against difficult opponents. 

The Academy mode will also help players learn the vocabulary and lore in the Halo universe without forcing them to pick it up as they go in online matches. This should make it a smooth process for new players or fans returning to the series. 

Players who want to practice in a controlled environment or just want a refresher on the game can also use the Academy mode to improve. The Academy training mode is an excellent option for players to warm up before hopping into an intense online match. 

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode will launch alongside the premium campaign this holiday season.