LootCrate releases another Halo set

This will be fun.

Image Via: LootCrate

Halo fans rejoice: LootCrate is featuring an exciting giveaway for subscribers of LootCrate’s Halo Legendary Crate.

“Welcome to Fireteam Apollo,” its most recent addition to the Halo Legendary Crate Series, will feature five to seven collectible items from the biggest moments in Halo history, a new figure line made exclusively for the crate, apparel, in-game content, and other United Nations Space Command-based items.

To promote this Halo subscription, LootCrate is giving away a Halo “Mythic Crate” which features a toy Plasma Rifle, Energy Sword and Plasma Grenade. It is only being raffled to those who are subscribed to this series.

Founded in 2012, LootCrate has come a long way over the past five years, now delivering over 14 million crates around the world throughout its tenure. This is the company’s third Halo set.