Xbox’s cloud gaming coming to iOS and PC next year

It'll come out before Halo Infinite.

Photo via Microsoft

Come spring 2021, Xbox fans will be able to take their gaming to practically every device they own.

Microsoft revealed the future plans for its cloud gaming service in a blog post today, setting the date for its platform expansion to iOS and PC in spring 2021.

“We envision a seamless experience for all types of players,” Microsoft said. “Whatever screen you choose, we want to make it easy to continue your game and connect with your friends.”

As part of Microsoft’s Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, cloud gaming is available right now on the Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Android devices. Microsoft plans for the service to be available via the Xbox app and browser on Windows PCs and through the web browser on iOS devices.

A progressive web app option for iOS devices is plausible, likely in an effort to circumvent Apple’s closed app store ecosystem. Microsoft previously pulled the plug on the cloud gaming project, known as xCloud, on iOS devices in August due to dissatisfaction with Apple’s policies.

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In October, head of Xbox Phil Spencer told employees that the company will “absolutely end up on iOS,” targeting a “direct browser-based solution.”

It’ll be more than in time for the repeatedly delayed Halo Infinite, now confirmed for a fall 2021 release, at least.