Will Skate (4) be cross-platform?

Play Skate on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and mobile.

Image via EA

The Skate franchise revealed that not only will the next title be receiving a new name but will also be available to play on multiple platforms. 

The upcoming Skate title will not be called Skate 4 and instead will be just known as Skate to display the studio’s commitment to continuously updating the game in years to come. But this was just a minor update compared to the reveal that the next title will be available on multiple platforms, including mobile. This unlocks the ability to play with family and friends regardless of what platform they have the game on.

Over the last 15 years of Skate, the title has been a console exclusive with releases on both PlayStation and Xbox with re-releases for the newer versions of these consoles. These titles followed a numeric titling system with Skate, Skate 2, and Skate 3, but the latest title will be removing the numbers and expanding to include all platforms. Skate will be available to play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile with no update to whether or not the title will be coming to Nintendo Switch. 

“I was talking with a few of you guys in the community and everyone was like “Oh, I didn’t play Skate 1 or Skate 2” and we were like “why not?” [because they] couldn’t afford it, or he was on PlayStation and they were on Xbox,” Skate creative director Cuz Parry said. “We want the whole world to fall in love with what we love. Skateboarding, the culture, and the game.”

How Skate will end up on both PC and mobile is still undetermined, especially on the mobile side. The developers want to bring the title to mobile but are still in the early stages of developing it for that platform. What is most important to them is that the game and the controls feel right and not janky or rushed and with no set release date the developers have plenty of time to figure it out.