The 9 best Roblox gifts for the holiday season

The options are endless.

Gaming in the early stages of anyone’s life is more of a learning experience than anything. While gamers born in the ‘90s had Mario Kart to teach them the core values of friendship, there weren’t many opportunities for them to let their creative juices loose.

A younger generation of gamers has been luckier in that department. Games like Roblox have become popular among the newest generation of gamers. While these games can look relatively simple to outsiders, there’s a good reason behind their rise to the top.

Roblox is more of a platform than a game where all players get to build their own worlds alongside experiencing other peoples’ creations. Any Roblox player can take up the game’s programming language, Lua, and start designing levels to their liking. Roblox also throws competitions from time to time to encourage level designers to push themselves to their limits for sweet prizes. 

If you have someone on your gifting list this year who loves playing Roblox, getting them a themed gift can instantly earn you some brownie points. Here are the best gifts you can get for a Roblox fan during this holiday season. 

Roblox Gift Cards

If you’d like to keep it safe at all costs, getting a Roblox gift card will always be a good idea. Though Roblox is a free-to-play game, there are many in-game elements that require Robux, Roblox’s in-game currency, to be unlocked.

Players can earn and farm Robux while playing Roblox, but no one can do it as fast as activating a loaded gift card. Roblox gift cards are essentially worth a few playing hours where players would spend grinding to earn Robux.

There are five different Roblox gift cards at the moment for $10, $25, $40, $50, and $100 and each come with an exclusive in-game item that’s unlocked upon activation. It’s possible to find Roblox gift cards with customizable balances, however.

Roblox collector’s toolbox

Even if your giftee is more of a collector than the type who’d unbox figures to play with, the Roblox collector’s toolbox will be enough to put a smile on their face.

This exclusive storage box comes packed with 32 different Roblox figures and even involves an in-game item, the Red Lazer Sword. These figures are both perfect for playing, but you can always use them as accessories to lighten up a room’s theme.

Its box can also be considered as a decent collectors’ piece and should age fairly on a bookshelf as a reminder of good memories.

Where’s the Noob activity book

Where’s the Noob activity book – Screengrab via Roblox

When a gaming device is out of reach, activity books can be your savior for entertaining kids. If you think about it, activity books are the oldest form of gaming—and Where’s the Noob is an excellent option for Roblox fans.

Where’s the Noob has a Where’s Waldo-like vibe and it includes a handful of different worlds with more than 200 items that your giftee will need to find. It’s essentially a journey of finding the classic noob before he causes any more of a mess. 

Roblox Action Collection – Meme Pack Playset

If someone’s into creating worlds outside of the game as much as they like it in Roblox, you can only supply them with more figures. While creating the playgrounds is fun by itself, it’d be almost impossible to breathe life into anything without characters to showcase one’s imagination.

This collection pack features Buffnoob, a muscular version of the classic noob, accompanied by 25 different Roblox pieces, including accessories and characters.

Lego set

If your giftee lacks the necessary tools to build worlds in real life, then action figures won’t be that much of a use to them. Though some third-party Roblox sets come with scenery to set the mood, nothing beats the do-it-yourself (DIY) experience that Lego offers.

Roblox doesn’t have a Lego set of its own, but Minecraft has multiple official ones. While they may be two different games, the Minecraft Lego sets work marvelously to set up a fun and colorful playground.

Any Roblox fan that likes both games should appreciate the thoughtful gift and get busy building their dreams right away.

Roblox pullover hoodie and sweatpants

As much fun as toys can be, they may be impossible gifts for anyone with just too many of them. If you believe that more toys would just get lost inside the pile, there’s more than one way to make a Roblox fan’s day.

While fashion can be dismissed with a simplistic approach, it can never be a bad idea to represent your favorite game wherever you go. A Roblox-themed hoodie or sweatpants will be perfect for any outdoor activity.

In the worst case scenario, they’ll find a new purpose as pajamas, but even that’s enough to make it a great gift.

Roblox cloth face mask

Roblox cloth face mask – Screengrab via YMOHOMY

Face masks have become a more significant part of our lives throughout 2020. While they weren’t unusual to see during flu seasons in Asian countries in the past, face masks never made their official public debut in the West until the COVID-19 pandemic.

A medically essential item can also turn into a nice accessory and you can reflect your style with a simple face mask. A Roblox-themed face mask may not be enough of a gift by itself, but it’s certainly an excellent piece if you’re looking for an item to compliment your main purchase.

Considering these masks are washable and reusable, they should serve your giftee well for a while, given that they take care of them nicely.

Multifunction Roblox backpack

It’s hard to appreciate a good backpack until you get one for yourself. Most commercially available bags can get away with having a single spot for everything, but smart bags take things up a notch.

This Roblox-themed backpack involves multiple pockets for different uses, which can come in handy if your gifty also carries around their laptop. There’s even a dedicated opening for pulling through charging cables, which should make carrying a powerbank a seamless process. This gap can be used to throw your powerbank into the bag and only have the cable outside for ultimate functionality. 

A new phone

Roblox is available on multiple platforms, including Windows and Xbox. While these two platforms will be enough if your giftee doesn’t travel that much, anyone who does will look for a way to play Roblox on the go.

Roblox is available both on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, making it available on mobile devices. It’s never going to be that easy to carry around a Windows PC/laptop or an Xbox, but a powerful mobile phone should be just enough to save the day.

Roblox isn’t that demanding when it comes to specs, but getting a gaming phone is one of the better ways of future-proofing yourself. Given how expensive mobile phones can get these days, a new phone to play Roblox can be considered as a gift reserved for only the elite names on Santa’s nice list.

If you were already considering getting a phone for that special someone, make sure that it can run Roblox smoothly and doesn’t get too hot while doing so.

The items on our list may have varying shipping times depending on the time you order. Make sure to double-check the estimated delivery date of your items and consider ordering from a different seller if it doesn’t look like the item will get to you before the gift is due. 

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