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How to unlock the Archon Class in Remnant 2

Deep in the files, the secret was waiting.

Remnant 2 provides all manner of classes for you to dive into, and some of them are more difficult to unlock than others. The Archon is, technically, the hardest class of all to unlock. The devs embraced the idea of datamining and hid information on how to get the class deep in the files.

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After days of scouring the files for information, avid fans found the secret requirements to unlocking the Archon archetype—but it isn’t for the faint of heart.

Here’s how to unlock the secret Archon archetype in Remnant 2.

How to get the Archon Class in Remnant 2: Your complete guide

To unlock the Archon class, players will need to unlock two other classes first, then equip twelve specific items or skills, and finally collect the Strange Box from the labyrinth using the Biome Portal Key.

  • Explorer Class with Fortune Hunter class skill selected (Level 10)
  • Invader Class with the Wormhole class skill selected (Level Five)
  • Realmwalker armor (Explorer class default armor)
  • Leto’s Amulet
  • Void Heart Relic
  • Amber Moonstone Ring
  • Labyrinth Staff (melee weapon)
  • Ford’s Scattergun
  • The Cube Gun
  • Black Cat Band ring
  • Zania’s Malice ring
  • Anatasija’s Inspiration ring

How to unlock the Explorer Class

The Explorer Class in Remnant 2
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To get the Explorer Class, you will need to finish the game on any character. This will get you the Golden Compass Engram. Bring this to Wallace, and you can upgrade it to unlock the Explorer class. After that, play through the game until you hit level 10 and get access to the Fortune Hunter class skill.

How to unlock the Invader Class

The Invader Class in Remnant 2
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The Invader is another very difficult class to unlock, with a lot of quest steps. You will need to collect Stone Carved Dolls in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium on Losomn to get a Dreamcatcher weapon, then bring that to a specific place in the endgame before finally killing a tough boss.

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Level this class to level five to unlock Wormhole, then set your Engrams accordingly to have both classes and skills equipped.

How to get the Realmwalker Armor Set

The Realmwalker Set for sale at Whispers in Remnant 2
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This is the Explorer default armor set. You can either start the game again as the Explorer, or you can purchase this from Whispers at Ward 13 after you complete the campaign on any character. The Beret will cost 400 Scrap, the Tunic is 1,150 Scrap, the Pantaloons are 825 Scrap, and the Gloves will cost 350 Scrap.

How to get Leto’s Amulet

Leto’s Amulet is an interesting item to get, as it will only actually appear in the game for a very specific reason. Equip armor that gets you past the 75 percent stamina encumbrance and into the red on your character screen.

Then, roll.

You will do an awkward fat roll instead of the usual nimble dodge. Fat roll one hundred times, and then the amulet will appear for sale at Reggie in Ward 13 for 1,000 Scrap. A good option for this is to use the Leto Mark II armor hidden in Ward 13. Please note that these do NOT need to be perfect rolls—you can roll around Ward 13 if you like.

How to get the Void Heart Relic

To get this Relic, you will need to kill the world boss Sha’hala on N’Erud. You can use adventure mode to reroll N’Erud if you do not get this quest in your campaign playthrough. After you kill Sha’hala, visit the Custodian, then leave N’Erud for a while.

When you try to go back after progressing the story, there will only be one node that you can access, called Alepsis-Taura. Travel there to find the Void Heart.

How to get the Amber Moonstone ring

The Amber Moonstone ring in Cass's inventory
Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Amber Moonstone ring is, thankfully, quite easy to get. Visit your friend Cass in Ward 13, and you can purchase it from her for 500 Scrap. Her inventory seems to rotate, so if she doesn’t it when you visit here, play some of the game, then revisit her.

How to get the Labyrinth Staff

The Labyrinth Staff in Remnant 2
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To get the Labyrinth Staff, head to the Labyrinth level and then go to the portal that phases to different locations on the other side. If you haven’t hit this point yet, just play through the story until you do. Follow the path to the left of that portal. You can drop off the edge to a ledge below after walking up a handful of steps at the end of the path.

This will look like it will kill you, but a platform will form down there from all the loose, floating stones. You will come to a gap, so wait until a platform spawns, then jump across it and off the other side to grab the ledge and climb up. Follow the path to find a secret powerful enemy, take out all the minions, and then you will find the Labyrinth Staff.

How to get Ford’s Scattergun

Ford's Scattergun in Remnant 2
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Ford’s Scattergun is an awkward weapon to get. You either need to start as the Explorer class, or you can find it on Yaesha if you start a run at The Red Throne with a mission to kill the Corruptor. When you speak to the Queen, make sure you are nice and polite, always picking the deferential option. Play through the game and kill the Corruptor, then return to her to get the Seal of the Empress ring.

Now, head back to the very starting spawn and turn right at the four statues. Go into the building there while wearing the Seal of the Empress, and the ground will open up, revealing a secret area. Drop down there to get Ford’s Scattergun. I have seen people say you need to give the Queen the Ornate Box to get this ring, but we didn’t do that in our game, and kept the box for ourselves and still got the Seal of the Empress once the Corruptor was dead.

How to get the Cube Gun

Screenshot by Dot Esports

To get the Cube Gun, you will need to play through the campaign until you get to the Labyrinth. There, after progressing further into the story, you will find and fight The Labyrinth Sentinel. Upon defeating it, you will get the Conflux Prism that can be brought to McCabe in Ward 13, and she will craft the Cube Gun. For what it’s worth, this is the best handgun in the game, in my opinion. It completely overturns the ammo economy and is just a fantastic weapon.

How to get the Black Cat Band

This is another ring that will only appear after certain conditions have been met. You can buy the ring from Reggie at Ward 13 for 500 Scrap, but only after your character dies multiple times.

We would suggest you find a checkpoint near a ledge you can walk off and just take a brief jog a few times if it is not available for you. Revisit Reggie and just rinse and repeat until it shows up.

How to get Zania’s Malice

The exact location of Zania's Malice in Remnant 2
Screenshot by Dot Esports

To get Zania’s Malice, play through the game until you get to Root Earth, the final area. Go to the Ashen Wasteland checkpoint and fight your way through to the second, smaller checkpoint. Here, you will find a ramp heading downward that leads to the trains.

Instead of getting down the ramp, walk around on the left side, where there is a narrow path. In the back wall, barely visible, you will find a small hole you can crawl through. Inside is Zania’s Malice ring. You can see the exact location of the opening under the weapon reticle in the image above.

How to get Anastasija’s Inspiration

Anastasija's Inspiration in Remnant 2
Screenshot by Dot Esports

This can be purchased from Whispers at Ward 13 for 3,000 Scrap. You may also find it while exploring Root Earth, so make sure you check your inventory if you don’t see it at Whispers.

Make your way to the Red Glitch Portal

Which Shift Portal to take in Remnant 2
Screenshot by Dot Esports

For the next part, make your way back to the shifting portal in the Labyrinth. Remember, there is a shortcut there from the very first checkpoint at the Fractured Ingress if you have already played through the game. This seems likely, given how much is required for this class to be unlocked. At the shifting portal, wait until it shows a clear sky and ledge. Step through, and then wait until the platform is just a little to the right of the ledge and walk off. Gravity will invert, and a platform will be created beneath you. Fight the enemies that spawn in, then make your way to the glitched red portal at the back right.

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Make sure you equip each and every item, weapon, skill, ring, amulet, and armor piece from the list above. Then you should be able to interact with the glitched door and use the Biome Portal Key that you get from playing the campaign. Go through it, and you will find yourself in a new area.

You need to make your way to the back left and find an item called the Strange Box. Bring this strange box to Wallace, and he can craft the Hexahedron that will then act as the Engram from the Archon class. You only get a limited amount of time in this area, but don’t worry because you can visit it again if you need to. Remember, you will be running Treasure Hunter, so use it if you need it in order to find all the secrets.

This is a god-tier secret from the devs, and I take my hat off to every community member who played a part in figuring all this stuff out.

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