Nintendo reportedly won’t allow Xbox Cloud on Switch

An Xbox Cloud app will likely never happen.

Image via Nintendo

The Xbox Cloud service allows players to enjoy some of their favorite games on mobile devices, which is an excellent option to have. But according to an industry analyst, the streaming service won’t appear on the Nintendo Switch. 

As reported by Nintendo Life, industry analyst David Gibson responded to a thread discussing the benefits of Xbox Cloud appearing on the Switch earlier today. Gibson reported that his contact at Nintendo confirmed that no other streaming services would appear on the console. 

The original thread started by former Warner Bros and Activision executive Mat Piscatella commented on the benefits of Xbox Cloud appearing on the Switch and how it’d be beneficial for all parties. An Xbox Cloud App could attract Xbox players to purchase a Switch to enjoy their games on the go and it’d introduce more options for existing Nintendo players. 

Switch consoles recently appeared on a shelf behind Xbox executive Sarah Bond during the Microsoft Game Stack event. Phil Spencer, the executive vice-president of gaming at Microsoft, also had a Switch on his shelf in a recent stream. 

This led some fans to theorize about the possible connections between the two companies, including the Xbox Cloud service coming to the Switch. But this is only speculation and Nintendo doesn’t seem to have any plans of featuring another streaming service on its console. 

Nintendo players still have a lot of fun and exciting titles to enjoy on the Switch, although allowing other streaming services would likely please a lot of fans.