New Sega Genesis games might be coming to Nintendo Switch Online later today

Maintenance typically means new content.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Sega has been in the news a lot over the last several weeks, and it looks like that will continue since a new batch of Sega Genesis titles might be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this week. 

This speculation comes from scheduled maintenance for the Genesis portion of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription platform, which is scheduled to take place later today from around 7:55pm to 9pm CT. 

Maintenance like this is typically only applied when new titles are being added to NSO. Two of the last three instances of this taking place resulted in the addition of several games like ToeJam & Earl and Light Crusader back in December and March. But this maintenance still shouldn’t be treated as an absolute indicator for new games since a previous update period on April 8 did not add anything. That one was shorter than the one scheduled for later tonight, however. 

None of the recent leaks involving NSO have shown more Genesis games slated for an imminent arrival on the service. This doesn’t mean they aren’t coming, just that none have been spotted recently on the backend.

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With this news, some fans are hoping for Sega classics like other Sonic the Hedgehog games or Rocket Knight Adventures to finally make the leap, though the former is unlikely since the Sonic Origins collection is releasing on June 23 and remasters four games.