Is there a release date for The Queen’s Gambit Chess?

You watched it. Now, it's time to play it.

Screengrab via Netflix

It’s been almost a year since Netflix first set its eyes on a gaming service with a subscription model. Since the initial announcement in 2021, Netflix claimed it would have the “absolute best” gaming service, and it looks like the streaming giant’s plans are slowly coming together.

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On June 10, Netflix released a trailer for The Queen’s Gambit Chess based on the hit mini-series that made millions want to learn how to play chess.

The footage from the trailer showcases the in-game graphics alongside what appears to potentially be different game modes or challenges. In addition to stunningly designed chess boards, fans will also get to interact with familiar faces from The Queen’s Gambit. Mr. Shaibel, D.L. Townes, and Benny Watts will be testing your chess skills and preparing you to compete against players from all around the world in the game’s online mode.

When could The Queen’s Gambit Chess release?

Netflix is aiming to release The Queen’s Gambit Chess before the end of 2022. There isn’t an official date set for The Queen’s Gambit Chess at the moment, but Netflix is likely to announce when fans can expect to get their hands on the chess game in the coming quarters.

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The Queen’s Gambit Chess will be available to prospective players with a Netflix subscription and will be an ad-free experience. Fans won’t have to pay any extra fees to play the game, and there will be no in-app purchases. Netflix has said it currently wants to focus on games that are more tailored toward mobile and tablet users, and its success on these platforms could determine the service’s future on other platforms like gaming consoles.