How to use Bonfires in Elden Ring

While Bonfires don't exist in Elden Ring, there is a handy replacement.

Image via FromSoftware

As long time FromSoftware fans will know, death is just a part of playing its games. But with the help of in-game tools, its toll on progress can be reduced.

From Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls, and even Bloodborne, different respawn locations have been paramount to working your way through tough boss fights or simply progressing through the land. The same goes for Elden Ring.

While Bonfires are the most prominent term for these tools given the popularity of the Dark Souls franchise, Elden Ring doesn’t have Bonfires. It does still have an easy way for players to receive the same benefits.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring does not have bonfires, however, it does boast similar tools called Sites of Grace.

At these locations scattered around the map, players can reset their location, heal up to full health, purchase more levels for their character, sort chests, and more.

Once you’ve visited a Site of Grace, it will become your respawn point should you die. Also, it will be marked on your map so you can fast travel to that location in the future. On occasion Sites of Grace can even create a beam of light guiding players to the next location they’ll need to visit on the map.

You’ll encounter your first Site of Grace very early into your adventures of the Lands Between, and as you continue through more will become available eventually amounting to a massive network to use for traveling and exploring this unique world.